The Dallas Cowboys, A Bunch Of Yes Men and Nice Guys

The Combo of Jones, Garrett, Romo and Co Will NEVER Win

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The NFL is a no BS league. You cannot have a team filled with nice guys, yes men and a happy go lucky, no accountability, free-flowing atmosphere. That doesn't work. This isn't little league. You need SOMEONE to step up and tell it like it is. You pretty much cannot be the Dallas Cowboys.

Ever since Tony Romo and Jason Garrett took over, the team has been a giant joke. A bunch of politically correct guys who are not trying to ruffle any feathers and it OOZED from the lockerroom onto the field. They are soft. As soft a team as there is in the NFL.

Now I am not saying you fill your team with Richie Incognito's, Terrell Owens', Dennis Green's and co. but SOMEONE needs to step up and be the man of the team. I can't tell you how many soft interviews I've sat at watched as JUST an NFL fan. I am not a Cowboy fan, nor am I a Cowboy hater. I just want to see good football and when I turn on the TV, there are not many teams that get more undeserved attention than the Dallas Cowboys. If I have to see it, I want a good product. I am tired of seeing Tony Romo mope after a loss. I am tired of seeing Jason Garrett play clueless and I am TIRED of seeing Jerry Jones pretend to know a damn thing about the game. You can play fake tough guy all you want, we know your true colors. This team is as soft as the couch you are sitting on right now.

DeMarcus Ware is a HELLUVA player. A top defensive player. HE IS A NICE GUY. He won't win. Tony Romo, great guy, TOO NICE. Will never win. Miles Austin, too nice. DeMarco Murray ... too nice. Want to know who I respect the most on the Dallas Cowboys? You guessed it ... Dez Bryant. HE HAS FIRE. HE IS TOUGH. HE NEEDS TO WIN. HE WONT TAKE THE BS. At first, I said "sit down Dez, you are acting like a fool." Then I thought to myself .... he is completely right. He showed some fire. He wants to win. THE DALLAS COWBOYS NEED MORE DEZ BRYANT'S AND LESS TONY ROMO/MILES AUSTIN'S.

You can be a great guy off the field and for 163 hours of the week, but for those 5 hours on Sunday -- YOU BETTER BE A SAVAGED ANIMAL. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers are MEN on Sunday's. They don't care who is watching. That is why the are the best. Tony Romo takes that good guy you see in press conference and brings it onto the field and it SPREADS across the entire Dallas Cowboy team. That is all ENABLED by his owner, who will never tell little Tony to sack up, and will never tell his head coach Jason Garrett to grab the team by the horns and PUT THEM ON NOTICE.

I am bored with the Cowboys. I don't want to hear about them. I don't want to talk about them anymore. Until I see/hear otherwise, this is the last I will talk about the Cowboys. They are officially in the same book as the Tennessee  Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns. I don't care about you. Prove me wrong.
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