The Decline of Steve Nash

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Lately, watching Steve Nash play basketball has been like watching Hulk Hogan enter the ring at the age of 40. It is sad to see someone as special as Steve Nash clearly on the decline of his career. At this point, Nash - much like Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon - is holding onto his glory days a bit longer than he should. Like the sound of a broken record, this past Sunday, Nash exited the game early in the second quarter because of reoccurring back pain.
"It's tough," Nash said on Sunday evening. "I hesitate to even talk about it now because it's probably not a good time. I'm a little emotional. It's hard. I really want to play and I really want to play the way I am accustomed to playing. I have, obviously, back issues. You could call it the back, you could call it the nerves. I'm getting the pain in the hamstring. … It's basically the same thing from the end of last year."
For the past few years, Steve Nash’s body has resembled a raggedy doll that is all stitched up together. He is not only a shell of himself, but a shell of a shell of himself. Sometimes players hold on to basketball just a bit too long and as a result, their games fall apart and so do their bodies. And it may be time for one of the best shooters in NBA history, a former MVP, and a modern day Pistol Pete, to retire sooner than later.
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11/12/13   |   Kenne   |   15951 respect

Thanks for the draft picks L.A., hope they enjoy watching the Suns in the playoffs in a few years.

11/12/13   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Huge difference between being on the decline and being done. Nash was on the decline three years ago--he's pretty much done now.