The Dez Factor

10/29/13 in NFL   |   RobCarp81   |   20 respect

Blog Photo - The Dez FactorWith the Sunday games wrapped up, I'm sure most who watched will agree the most entertaining game of the day was the Cowboys and Lions. The Cowboys had plenty of opportunities to put the game out of reach with the number of turnovers the Lions committed. But in the end the Lions were still alive at the end to win the game. 

The Offensive show by Calvin Johnson and the Lions victory should be the main talk coming from this game , but in this day of social media and pundits of the do right syndrome, all the rage is the antics of the Dez Bryant sideline rant. With INSIDERS of the game, by that I mean Players, Coaches, teammates, there seems to be the majority saying there was no issue with what Dez did. Football is an emotional game, every person uses their emotions different. On Game Day there are sideline rants by players and coaches every week most recently Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy and after the game you move on. But here is a receiver demonstratively talking to teammates without anyone knowing exactly what was said and POOF we have controversy. The OUTSIDERS meaning fans, bloggers, commentators and every one else who do right say Dez was being a selfish player and being a so called distraction. Maybe it's me, but I'm always amazed at how someone who has never strapped on a uniform always knows what's right and wrong and what should and shouldn't be done. Kinda like a Banker telling a Mechanic how to fix a transmission. 

All in all Calvin Johnson showed why he's called Megatron and is the standard for receivers today. Within the game Dez also showed why he's one of the top receivers as well. 

The game of the week unfortunately will mostly be remembered for a sideline rant that happens every week by different players but the attention to this one somehow became different. 
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