The EagleBank Bowl Will Make DC Proud, If Anyone Notices.

A Rematch Game In An Apathetic Setting, Who's Game?

12/18/08 in NCAAF   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Only one bowl can have the honor of kicking off the bowl season, and this year it's goes to the inaugural EagleBank Bowl in Washington DC this Saturday at 11 am. While it's not quite as random as Magic Jack, the sponsor for this is a bank that has existed since 1997 in the DC area (Note: I've now lived here for 5 months and have never seen a branch.). The game will pit Wake Forest (7-5) and Navy (9-4).

What exactly is the point of this game? Uh.....presumably money, but looking at it objectively, how? It's a known fact that the only thing sports-wise DC cares about is the Redskins. Plus, the game is being held in the mausoleum that is RFK Stadium. Cheapest ticket? $45. Plus, it's on a Saturday morning when half the town is skipping out for the holidays. Plus, the game is a *rematch* from earlier in the season. Add it up and you have a game played in front of about 5000 fans. Exciting!

So, why would anyone go to this game. Here are some reasons I came up with:

1.) You *really* like the Navy or Wake Forest football programs.
2.) You have a fetish for the triple option.
3.) You think it will be practice for the inauguration, despite the following elements not being in place:
  • the threat of freezing to death from standing in really cold weather for up to 4 hours
  • the threat of being crushed on the Metro
  • the threat of being trampled
OK, no one's going to this game. Why would anyone watch?

1.) You vow or made a bet to watch every bowl game, in which case you have absolutely no life.
2.) You passed out Friday night with ESPN on, and wake up while the game is on, and are too hungover to change the channel. (I think we have a winner.)

In the end, while the EagleBank Bowl isn't necessarily a more asinine bowl game that the Magic Jack St. Petersburg Bowl, it's certainly up there in pointlessness. But hey, at least the broadcast will have pictures of pretty monuments!
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12/19/08   |   Chicago   |   38 respect

That date would be a great time to start a three-week playoff to determine a national champion.....

sorry, the BCS must still rule all so utterly pointless bowls survive..... 

12/18/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

What about these reasons

#4 You a part of the Witness Protection Program
#5 You could not get the in the "Comedic Traffic" School
#6 You fear being with family over the holidays that much.

Sadly, I am one of those losers who will try to watch as many Bowl games as possible.

12/18/08   |   lizrbliz

enjoy the helps u a lot..ok....

12/18/08   |   lizrbliz

its more exciting!!!!!
and fun...ahehehhe...