The End of Miamiís Big 3?

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When LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami, the city was promised not one, not two, not three, not four, but championship rings for every toe and finger.  Blame it on Chris Bosh’s injury, blame it on the Celtics, or blame it on the city of Miami for being the quietest fan base in the NBA, but the Miami Heat are on the brink of elimination, and may fall short of winning the Championship yet again.
What's astonishing is that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James actually played good games.  The duo combined for 57 points, with 14 points and 9 points respectively in the 4th quarter.  Yet, it still wasn’t enough to beat the collective team effort of the Boston Celtics. 
The current roster of the Miami Heat, do not have the pieces or the depth to compete against championship caliber teams.  Outside of Wade and James, no other Heat player scored in double figures.  Meanwhile, the Celtics had five players in double figures and Rajon Rondo wasn’t even one of them.  Rondo decided to contribute in his own way by dishing out 13 assists.
While it’s entirely too early to predict what will happen with the Miami Heat, if they go on to lose this series, are we about to see the end of the Big 3?  Could Riley possibly trade one of the Big 3 for more depth?  This season is proving that a team with a Big 3 is only one injury away from becoming a team with a Big 2, a formula that will not win the NBA championship.
Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics displayed the heart of a champion once again.  The DNA of Boston even had Coach Spoelstra saying, “They have what we’re trying to get.  This is what the playoffs are all about.  It tests your collective character and your resolve.”
It's the kind of character and resolve that the Miami Heat may not have.  Asked what this Game 5 loss meant for Spoelstra and his team, and he replied, “It’s a loss, and that’s all it is.”
What Spoelstra may not realize right now, is that tonight's loss is much more than just a loss.  It may be the end of the Big 3 and his own coaching job as well.
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Oh Its had bad intentions and it got bad results