Euro 2012 Reasons to Watch

The Everyman's Guide to Loving the Euro 2012

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A wonderful excuse for a power lunch. The games are at 12 Noon and 2:45, daily, which enables you to leave work, take in a half (intern, entry-level), a whole (comfortably entrenched mid-level,) or the entire god damn day of European Football (Don Draper & Roger Sterling-level) at your nearest sports bar, which you will be inclined to refer to as "The Pub." 

There's something about 3 hour lunches that just makes the work day go by quicker. Curious.

A chance to take in some culture. Greece and the Czech Republic just played, which means, if you were watching, you heard English announcers Darke and McManaman utter effortlessly the likes of PapastathopoulosPapadopoulosTzavelasJiráčekPetržela, and Čech. If you can't find a drinking game in here somewhere then I don't know what to tell ya. 

Learn what it means to be a 'supporter' as opposed to a 'fan.' And by "what it means," I mean that it's going to get a little weird.

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It beats reading the news these days. Why read a three-page article about the economic plight of Ireland, the racial tensions which plague countries such as Ukraine and Denmark, or how England has lost it's mojo when you can watch it all play out via the Euro 2012?

You'll learn all you need to know about Europe from watching this tournament. 

Watch for fun, leave the heartbreak to Europe. There's something very enjoyable about being emotionally detached from a sporting event will dictate the happiness of millions of people. We get to kick back, put our feet up, and enjoy the tournament, while the rest of Europe is going to end up looking a bit more like this kid:

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For the rest of the world, football is love, and with the World Cup arriving in Brazil in 2 years, this is a wonderful warm-up for the rest of us who are not so soccer-inclined. If you're missing out on the world cup, you're missing out on probably the greatest worldwide event (in the entire world!) edging out the Olympics, in my opinion, in terms of capturing the heart and minds of all people. The only event that could bring mankind closer together is an alien invasion. Put that in your pipe and consider it.
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Agree 100% on World Cup over Olympics.  Nothing matches the passion of international soccer.