The Evolution Of Pro Bowl Cheerleaders From 1993 To The Present

The Pro Bowl Gets Progressively More Boring Over The Years, But The Cheerleaders Just Keep Getting Better.

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The NFL Pro Bowl is this weekend, and like many of you, I could absolutely care less. But if there's anything that'll get me to watch any part of it, it's the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders. The best of the best. The picture you see above is the group photo of this year's Pro Bowl Cheerleaders. Naturally, everyone looks hot, is in skimpy clothes, etc. But it wasn't always this way, my friend.

The concept of Pro Bowl Cheerleaders wasn't first introduced until the 1993 Pro Bowl, even though the Pro Bowl started in 1980. Naturally, being a Pro Bowl Cheerleader back then wasn't anywhere near as glamorous as it is now, and as you can guess, the hair was a lot weirder back then too.

Luckily we managed to track down every single Pro Bowl Cheerleader group photo from 1993 to 2009 so you can see the shift in, well, pretty much everything over the years.

Now let's take a look back, starting with the inaugural year of 1993. The picture was apparently shot at the entrance of a hotel. Gotta love the hair, and that one cheerleader rocking the red headband.


And, as you'll see, pretty much nothing changed over the next four years. We're still at the same damn hotel, except they added a few more benches for the ladies. At least no one was wearing a headband anymore.


1995 - This may have been the low point for the Pro Bowl cheerleaders....

1996 - I won't say who, but one of these cheerleaders kind of looks like a guy.

- Someone in here bears a striking resemblance to Captain America.

Eventually, the ladies moved on from the hotel entrance, like to the pool.



Check out Page 2 for the 2000's.

Once the ladies finally hit the millennium, they got to bust out a bit more and wear reasonably attractive uniforms.







2006 - The NFL finally realized that since no one was paying attention to the game, and instead only to the cheerleaders, they might as well let us know who the cheerleaders actually are.



And lastly, check out Page 3 for the full 2009 squad.

And if you made it this far, here are the 2009 girls, starting with Amy of the Philadelphia Eagles:

Marlina (Chargers), Alyssa (Patriots), Ashley (Texans), Treivy (Dolphins), Carey (Falcons)

Tiffany (Redskins), Marcie (Cardinals), Alex (Broncos), Ryann (Jets), Nicole (Cowboys)

Rachel (Bucs), Jessica (Bills), Shonica (Colts), Catherine (Chiefs), Heather (Bengals)

Valerie (Rams), Lindsay (Titans), Gena (Seahawks), Serrita (Raiders), Chrissy (Saints)

Jackie (49ers), Tasha (Ravens), Tara (Panthers), Liana (Jaguars), Sarah (Vikings)

Needless to say, it's been quite a change over the years, but without question for the better.
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2/11/09   |   Derrich

If there's one certainty, it's that Pro Bowl 1993 was a bad hair day...well, 1997 too.

2/7/09   |   statefan888

the lions still cant get someone to the pro bowl

2/7/09   |   erock_p_07871   |   252 respect

Maybe we need to put the cheerleaders on the random "juice" test list.   HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!!

2/7/09   |   williamogah

the first pix... they sure are HOT.

2/7/09   |   surabhiachari

wow  wat is this ....very fantasit.......voooooooooooooooooooo

2/7/09   |   SiriBabu

hey me to be with them

2/7/09   |   psxerox

2/6/09   |   Dream_Machine   |   13448 respect

need an oil boy?

Johnson & Johnson would make a killing!

2/6/09   |   rua4102

gotta love moms.......

2/6/09   |   jmcarlos

Now, I'm definately watching the Pro Bowl. 
*wink wink*

2/6/09   |   djclemson   |   4 respect


2/6/09   |   bbreannajoy

Raider_Dave wrote:
I can't help but think of the last scene in Dumb and Dumber with this line.  "You'll have to excuse my friend, he's a little slow..."

Either way, this may be ONE reason to watch the Pro Bowl.

you are so hot

2/6/09   |   streetballer123   |   3956 respect

The 2009 Cheerleaders turn my joystick into a hard stick .

2/6/09   |   rell678

they are pretty hot the 1st one

2/6/09   |   jordanlucas516

not to bad girls

2/6/09   |   spankyc14   |   14 respect

It's amazing how much more fit they are today than in the past...Shout out to PILATES and YOGA

2/6/09   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect

I will assume you had a typo... the Pro Bowl has been around longer than 1980..that was the first year in Hawaii. In any event, the Year of the Cheerleader continues for one more week...good job.!

2/6/09   |   kfbrich

I would do her, her, her, her,...meh, ok yeah her too, her, her, her, her on a pool table,...eww no, her her...who hasn't done her, her, her, her, and oh my god yes, her.

2/6/09   |   R3DS8XFaN

girls, girls, girls!!!

2/6/09   |   Scott   |   54599 respect

It's nice to see that the St. Louis Rams will have at least one representative in the Pro Bowl

2/6/09   |   Raider_Dave   |   47 respect

need an oil boy?
(Edited by Raider_Dave)

I can't help but think of the last scene in Dumb and Dumber with this line.  "You'll have to excuse my friend, he's a little slow..."

Either way, this may be ONE reason to watch the Pro Bowl.

2/6/09   |   biskit67

I think it was somewhere around 1998 or 1999 when the bikini calendars started coming out. When those started selling great, team management decided the cheerleaders should be wearing less on the sidelines. Sex sells.

2/6/09   |   sheikh91190

this are the people who make the game more interesting...
they are one of the part of the game.
keep it bup,gals....

2/6/09   |   herbadyoyo

That is great, the change for the better. I like it, never really noticed the hair change though. Pretty good, pretty good. They do look younger without that fluzzy hairdo.

2/6/09   |   merlisamiculob

wow pwede sali

2/6/09   |   olulayosco2007

i like them, can i meet one of those lady

2/6/09   |   Mr_SANT   |   1 respect


2/6/09   |   alyf

wowo mw love o_0 Ummm