The Fantasy Owner's Top 5 Knee-Jerk Overreactions: Week 5

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When a week of football ends, brave, reckless, short-sighted moves must be made in the heat of the moment that is Tuesday. Here are some things to frantically click about as you try to save(and potentially sabotage) your team's season. 

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William Powell? William Powell!
Beanie's down, Ryan Williams is down, William Powell is.. up? Well, not really. Although watching Kevin Kolb get gang-sacked every other play is a great way to spend a Thursday night, it's an indication that the Cards O-line isn't blocking anybody. That goes for the running game (averaging 63 yards per game) just as much as it does for the pass-protection aka the kill-Kolb-themed jailbreak. 

So now that I've made a case against William Powell, go ahead and pick him up. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's The One. After all, every bench has room for that one roster spot you rotate every other week, trying to get lucky.  Whatever you decide, decide it with unshakable confidence and never look back. 
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Where's Jordy?

Last season was very, very good to Jordy Nelson. He was Aaron Rodgers' best friend at a time when it was very lucrative to be Aaron Rodgers' best friend. I'm not sure what's going on this season, but his points through the first 5 weeks, 8-8-1-15-2 has fantasy owners grumbling. Probably. I try not to listen.

His 15 points came against the Saints, but I think that's the minimum number of points you can score against the Saints this year, so take it with a grain of salt. Even with Jennings out, Rodgers is throwing to James Jones, to Randall Cobb, and only sometimes to Jordy Nelson-- as long as it's for a gain of just 8 yards, and it's nowhere near the endzone. The Packers are changing shape this year, so far they've hardly resembled what they were last season, and this has Nelson's stock plummeting. At the moment, he's still a big name, so I think the move may be to wait for him to have one big game, then try and make a trade.

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Steel City Saviour

Rashard Mendenhall's debut was a big day for fantasy owners, because that's how we measure big days nowadays, and that's OK. He ran for 80 something yards and 1 touchdown. Sure, my stats could be more specific, but that's not why you're here. You're here to read bold, often baseless predictions and lofty declarations. That being said, Mendenhall owners, rejoice! You're great for having picked this man!

Mendenhall's average draft position was 99-point something. To put that into perspective, Toby Gerhart, the man who can only run in straight lines, sat right behind him on the draft board. Winning your fantasy league is often about having the right combination of superstars and great-value picks. Sixteen fantasy points his first week back from knee surgery is very promising, and the fact that the Steelers are going to want to take as much pressure off Big Ben as possible (because eventually that man is going to fall apart) means the focus of the offense may shift towards the run game. 

Don't have Mendenhall? Trade Jordy Nelson for him! Don't have Jordy Nelson? Do something else entirely!

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Run away from the Niners

Conversely, start everybody who plays against the Buffalo Bills. Which ever way you spin it, it's bound to work out. The Niners trounced Buffalo, holding Ryan Fitzpatrick, Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson to a combined 8 points. If you're a more tempered individual, maybe just consider avoiding the Niners when they're at home, where the crowd noise makes this defense even more vicious. 

For example, if you've got Ahmad Bradshaw, you may actually consider sitting him this coming week. When Bradshaw can't amass more than 50 yards, you'll be hailed as a fantasy genius, hated by many but respected by all. 
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Graham cracker

I have no idea what that title means, but here we are. It can't be racially charged, because nobody knows what race Jimmy Graham is, not even his own mother. But I digress. Graham had just 1 catch for 4 yards on Sunday, yielding me 0 freaking points in a matchup where all I needed was a little something. It's no coincidence that after a 2-0 start for the Concuss'd Men of the Night's Watch, my team has gone the way of Jimmy Graham. I think I digressed again.

After beginning the season with 14 and 13 points, Graham has scored a total of 14 points over the next 3 games. More disconcerting, he left the stadium in a walking boot, and it's looking like he'll miss atleast 1 week with an ankle sprain. It'll be a little bit before you should consider starting him again, which is sad, because it seems I CAN'T WIN WITHOUT HIM. Digression-- it's gonna happen.

Talk amongst yourselves. 

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