The Fantasy Owner's Top 5 Knee-Jerk Overreactions: Week 6

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Oh my god what is ever going on in the NFL these days? It's as if these players have no respect for our fantasy teams. We're trying to make a living here, too. There are a few constants amidst the chaos, however, starting with this guy below. He may not be winning too many games this season, but he's bringing joy to fantasy owners everywhere.

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Black Jesus

RGIII'S teammate Fred Davis called him "Black Jesus" after his performance against the Vikings. Works for me. RGIII ran wild, rushing for 138 yards, 2 TDs, and also decided to pass the ball a few times, yielding him another TD. The only real risk at this point for fantasy owners is that, in trying to get a couple extra yards at the end of a scramble, he takes a big hit and his head pops off. It's almost happened once. Til then, RGIII owners rejoice, you've got Black Jesus on your side.

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There's Jordy!

The way the Packers were playing, one might think Aaron Rodgers wasn't delivering the fantasy points they so deserved. But he was. 24 points last week, 27 the week before. James Jones was making plays, as was Randall Cobb. The only Packer who was suffering was Jordy Nelson, but no more! Nelson caught 9 passes for 121 yards and 3 TDs. What does this mean moving forward? Well, last season Nelson put up monster numbers, and the Packers rolled. On Sunday night, that trend continued. Perhaps Rodgers will realize that the key to the team's success is making sweet, sweet magic with Jordy. 

Fantasy owners can only hope so. The Pack's next two opponents are St. Louis and Jacksonville, so Nelson may continue to go off. I don't think the monster game on Sunday was an anomoly-- Jordy and his QB look to be returning to form. 

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Shonn Greene's looking spritely

Two weeks ago Shonn Greene went on waivers in my league. He was quickly picked up as, after all, he is a first-string running back, giving him enough upside to sit on somebody's bench. On Sunday he made a strong case for the starting lineup with 161 yards and 3 TDs.

Most importantly, he spun. Anybody unfortunate enough to follow the Jets on a weekly basis knows this is a huge deal. Shonn Greene doesn't spin, mainly because he's perpetually falling forward. Shonn Greene's spin surpised his own mother. Shonn Greene's spin created 5,000 new jobs in the tri-state area alone. Shonn Greene spun his way into my heart.

Though it was against the Colts and their less-than-stellar run D, the Jets saw how an effective run game is the difference between an offense that is laughable and one that is formidable. They're going to stick with Greene, and so should you. 


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Philip RIvers, please escort yourself to the bench

You, sir, will are now benched INDEFINITELY. Your 5 turnovers in the second half caused me to lose my matchup by 1 point. While I understand that you are more than just a fantasy asset, you are a person, and therefore I don't want to be too hateful here, I must say that I do hate your telegraphed sidearm passes, your inability to step up in the pocket to avoid a rush, and the consecutive choke-jobs you've delivered in the past two weeks.  I'm guessing your backup quarterback, like mine (Ponder) is a better bet than Philip "Powder Blue Sucksplosion" Rivers. Either way, Philip gets a bye (a well-timed timeout) next week, so your backups coming in regardless. I say stick with that backup beyond next week. Let Philip know you're serious.  Benched benched bench bench bench.

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New halfback in St. Lou!

Stephen Jackson has a lot of carries under his belt, 2,227 to be exact. Taking that into mind, it's no surprise that his average YPC is down almost a full yard from last year. This season, his longest rush is 23 yards. Enter Daryl Richardson. Richardson is owned in just over 4% of leagues, yet this past Sunday he spit carries with Jackson, turning 11 carries into 76 yards. Pick him up. He could very well be a midseason sleeper. 

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