The Fate of Anthony Davis Decided Today

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Blog Photo - The Fate of Anthony Davis Decided Today
All eyes will be on Commissioner David Stern tonight as he announces the lottery order for the 2012 NBA draft.  While the fate of most prospects will be in suspense until their name is called on June 28th, the fate of Anthony Davis may be determined as early as tonight.
As a freshman, Davis averaged 14 ppg, 10 rpg, and an absurd 4 bpg.  He was National Player of the Year, led the Wildcats to a national title, and has drawn comparisons to a young Marcus Camby.  All this is why the budding phenom is widely regarded as the consensus No. 1 pick.   
Yet, the nineteen year old maintains a posture without entitlement.  When asked what it feels like to be the inevitable No. 1 pick, Davis responded, “It’s not set in stone yet.  Draft is not here.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be picked No. 1 or No. 60.  You never know.  But I'm a step closer to reaching my dream of playing in the NBA and it’s a dream come true."
As of now, the Charlotte Bobcats have the best chance (25%) of landing the young big man.  Twenty-five percent, however, is not one hundred percent.  There is no guarantee that the Bobcats will get the No. 1 pick and their hands on Anthony Davis.  In fact, the team with the best chance of winning it, has historically not won it.  The team with the best chance of winning the No. 1 pick hasn't won it since 2004; proving that tanking doesn’t guarantee anything. 
Playing The Lottery
Team Record % to land No. 1
Bobcats 7-59 25.0
Wizards 20-46 19.9
Cavaliers 21-45 13.8
Hornets 21-45 13.7
Kings 22-44 7.6
Nets 22-44 7.5
Warriors 23-43 3.6
Raptors 23-43 3.5
Pistons 25-41 1.7
Hornets 21-45 1.1
Blazers 28-38 0.8
Bucks 31-35 0.7
Suns 33-33 0.6
Rockets 34-32 0.5
 -- ESPN Stats & Information

The Davis family has been on edge all week, but the suspense will soon be over for him and his family as Commissioner David Stern goes in reverse order to unveil who will get the coveted big man.  
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