The Future of the Detroit Lions

10/15/08 in NFL   |   mavsoccer23   |   66 respect

The Detroit Lions Traded Roy Williams a former number one draft pick and I think this is the smartest trades the Lions made, They Traded Roy Williams to the Dallas Cowboys for 1st, 3rd and 6th round draft pick. I apload who ever got this trade done because the lions can only be winners in this trade. Not Only did Roy Williams not want to be a Detroit Lion but his contract was up at the end of the year and we would have lost him to free agency anyway this we get something out of it. At first when the Lions drafted Roy Williams I was excited but lets face it over the years he is a under acheiver not to mention he runs his mouth far to much and he never backs it up. It was time for the lions and Roy Williams to move on, I'm more than pleased with Calvin "Megatron" Johnson he is a great wide reciever and I'm over joyed he is now our number one wide receiver. I'm really looking for to this years upcoming NFL Draft I have high hopes for the Detroit Lions. They'll have ten picks and I expect them to make the most out of them, With Jon Kitna Sidelined for the rest of the year this gives Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton a chance to showcase there skills and if neither of them prove they can be an NFL Starter then the Lions our in Perfect Postion to draft a QB. The Lions will most likely be in the top five in the NFL Draft and that will the Lions the Oppurtunity to select a Franchise QB, There are plently of great QBs in this upcoming draft. I personally think Colt McCoy out of Texas would be the perect fit for the Detroit Lions He has the ability to roll out of the pocket and he has speed and not to mention a great arm. There is also Chase Daniel out of Missori he has showcased his ability to pass the ball the only concern I have with him is his lack of ability to scramble. Then There Is Todd Reesing in Kansas who will go later in draft who has shown flashes of brightness, Mark Sanchez out of USC who I personally don't like he is a first year starter who hasn't shown me a whole lot but some reason there is a lot of hype around him. With our second pick in the first round we can draft and Offensive Lineman to sure up that O-Line, Which has improveded a little over the years I have been impressed with the performance of Manny Ramriez over at guard and Riola is solid and I think given time Gosder Cherilous will prove to be a good Offensive lineman. In the best case sceniro if Drew Stanton proves that he can be that guy then the possibilty are endless for the Detroit Lions, They could easily trade out of one of those top spots or draft an Offensive Lineman or Defensive Star.
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11/1/08   |   superfly

I agree with you about getting rid of Roy.  He was going to leave at the end of the year anyway.  I can't believe what they got for him, especially since the Raiders only recieved a 4th or 5th round pick for Moss.  I have to say I just hope they build up the defensive and offensive lines through the draft.  I am not that worried about a QB, franchise QB's are available every year and that is not even nesssecary.  Tennessee is undefeated and their QB is Kerry Collins who has been floating all over the place.  Tenn has an excellent O-line and that is exactly what we need to build.