The Future of the Phoenix still remains unclear with Bettman wanting to move to Arizona

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 The final destination for the Phoenix Coyotes still remains as vague as their chances of qualifying to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

There are only two months left in the season and the future for the Phoenix Coyotes is as uncertain as it was three years ago.

As when the Arizona city council allocated twenty five million for the team operation in the NHL for the 2011-12 season, then this meeting drew a crowd of over a thousand onlookers. This measly number of just a thousand people coming for the meeting stands as a testament for the bare minimum support that this struggling team has.

It does not concern NHL that there has been no movement when it comes to potential buyers, the NHL commented:

 “We hope, based on the things that are ongoing, to have a sale in place before the end of the season that would keep the team in Glendale,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told the Associated Press at the recent All-Star weekend in Ottawa. “I don’t see any reason to discuss a Plan B at this point.”

There seem to be almost no potential buyers for the team so this team’s future is scheduled to be the agenda in the February 14 city meeting, as no further talks have been held on this matter after giving the team $ 25 million last May.

Right now the Phoenix Coyotes are barely just making it to the finish line and are struggling for a playoff spot. It is still not clear whether the Coyotes will be bought off, moved or just dissolves completely.

This issue has been a mess ever since the last owner, Jerry Moyes filed for bankruptcy.

A scenario that may come to play is that Ed Beasley the Glendale city managed would be retired. The manager was a part of a deal to sell the team which would have allowed the team to be based in Phoenix in the future. Still Beasley is scheduled to leave his post officially on the 1st of April.

As far as the season news is concerned then:

The Phoenix Coyotes are scheduled to have three out of their upcoming four games at home, as Detroit is coming on the 6th of February, then Calgary on the 9th and then finally Chicago on the 11th of February.

It has also been scheduled that before the Blackhawks game takes player the team has decided to retire Jeremy Roenick with a sweater to his name. This also marks the second time that this honor is bring given out by the team this season as the last time this happened with Keith Tkachuk on the 23rd of December  and a similar ceremony was held.


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I don't pay regular attention to the Coyote Attendance but when I see the Sharks games from there there seems to be plenty of butts in the seats.  More so than other buildings the Sharks have played in on the road....