The Gates Of Delirium

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There just isn't much too say.  I'm not going to get all crazy over it and start squawking about how great I am.  That just isn't me.  We all know, and have seen, that there are going to be rough stretches too.  What we do is just keep riding this wave---just put our heads down and continue pushing forward as if each play is our very first one.

THE NBA  (7-3 ATS/7-2 SU/4-6 TOTALS last night and 19-11/19-8/13-17 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (no play last night and 2-0 so far for the week)
A relatively robust schedule in The Association for a Thursday night, but there just isn't anything in any of these games that jumps out and grabs me.

Bucks   84 Wizards 91
PACERS (-15 1/2, O196) 115 RAPTORS (-5, U197) 98
Knicks (+8 1/2, U201 1/2)   96 Nets   95
HEAT 104 NUGGETS (+2, U201 1/2) 102
Obviously, no one could have forecast it way back before the season started, but the better early game tonight would have to be Wiz at Dinos.  No way we get to see that one though.  We must get our weekly fix of the dysfunctional Knicks.  I know they make the TV schedule for TNT on Thursday nights well before the season begins, but why can't the network that is most committed to the league have a chance to pick the best game when there are more than just 2 scheduled for a Thursday night?
---You can see from my numbers that things just haven't quite caught up with the absence of Ty Lawson from the Nugs lineup.  That's because most of their games since he went down with injury have been on the road.  I'm not saying the Nets are worth a look tonight.  They will be playing their 2nd b2b in 6 nights tonight, and they took a massive beatdown last night in Portland.  I won't play it, but I think it's entirely possible that, if there is a play on this board tonight, it would be on Brooklyn.  I expect they will probably show a lot of pride (Not the Jason Collins type "pride") and focus.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (16-10 ATS/18-8 SU/11-15 TOTALS last night and 28-26/34-19/22-34 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (2-0 last night and 3-0 so far for the week)
There isn't anything with the kids tonight that looks all that appetizing either.  In fact, I will admit that some of my numbers for a few of these games look downright strange.

Memphis 78 Temple 65
HOUSTON (+7, O145) 75 LOUISVILLE (-22 1/2, O146 1/2) 99
Iowa 70 Ohio St. 60
INIDIANA (+4 1/2, U145) 66 PENN ST. (+6, U130) 62
Mid Tennessee St. 69 Georgetown 66
LA. TECH (-6 1/2, O139) 78 MARQUETTE (-4, O135) 83
Charlotte 59 Marshall (+5 1/2, U128 1/2) 56
E. CAROLINA (-2 1/2, U139 1/2) 73 OLD DOMINION 57
Uab 72 Fla.-Int'l 63
RICE (+7, O136) 69 SO. MISS (-16, O134) 88
Tulsa (+3, O134 1/2) 72 N. Texas (-2 1/2, O147 1/2) 83
Arkansas 75 S. Alabama 66
KENTUCKY (-11, O148 1/2) 87 LA.-MONROE (-1 1/2, O128 1/2) 73
W, Kentucky 68 Georgia St. 70
TEXAS ST. (+2, O126 1/2) 70 TEX.-ARLINGTON (+5 1/2, U150 1/2) 68
Ark.-Little Rock 65 Gonzaga 66
TROY ST. (-3, U141) 76 PACIFIC (+5, U142) 67
Santa Clara (+2, O141 1/2) 81 San Francisco 70
Portland 62 Oregon 79
ST. MARY'S (-10, U137 1/2) 75 UCLA (-7 1/2, O155) 90
Oregon St. (pk, O145) 87    
USC 81    
---We have Senior Nights going on for E. Carolina, La. Tech, So. Miss and UTEP tonight.  So far this season, teams playing their last home games of the year are 3-3 ATS and 4-2 SU.

A little late today, but what's the rush?  I'm not going to invest anywhere, and I just decided to wait to post so I could be sitting here listening to the Royals 1st spring training game of the season.  I'm just going to kick back, relax and take a deep breath before we dig in on another weekend tomorrow.  If you happen be starting your weekend a little early tonight, be careful out there.  I'll see you tomorrow.
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