The Giants Put the Met in MetLife

11/21/11 in NFL   |   xoJillian   |   60 respect

The Giants Officially S-ck
            In what could have been sweet revenge for the Giants at home versus the Eagles, turned into embarrassment. Pregame, all of the commentators had the Giants running away with this one, they all thought Vince Young would hurt himself, and Eli “the elite” could do no wrong.
            Living up to the “Met” in MetLife Stadium, the Giants collapsed. The Eagles got on the board first and the Giants could never seem to pull themselves together. The Giants even had a chance to pull it out in the 4th with just over 2 minutes left. After giving up a nearly 10 minute drive that ended in an Eagles touchdown. Manning had the chance to pull out another 4th Quarter come back. Instead the Giants fumbled the ball on 1st and 10 at the Eagles 21 and sealed their fate.
            With the Cowboys win over the Redskins earlier in the day, the NFC East is dangerously close to rivaling the mediocrity of NFC West teams past. Except this year, the 49ers are putting on a good show. The Giants are now tied with the Cowboys atop the division at 6-4 each. The Giants next take on the Saints in Monday Night Football at the Superdome, followed by the Packers back at MetLife Stadium.
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11/21/11   |   mblueberry11   |   17 respect

I do not get it.  Yes the Mets' collapse every year but that reference is too obtuse.
And Yes - spell check - the Mets are possessive of their collapse every year.