The Giants are relying too much on Eli

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Blog Photo - The Giants are relying too much on EliAt 0-3 to start the season, there is no doubt that the New York Giants are struggling in every facet of the game.

Offensively, the team has been inconsistent. Defensively, the club has been non-existent. Head-coaching wise, nothing seems to be working.

When you put these three things together, you have a losing NFL team. Going into week four against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs, there is certainly a lot of potential for things to get worse.

For the Giants to avoid digging themselves a deeper hole, they are obviously going to need to change a few things. However, the most important thing that the team needs to change is their heavy reliance on their franchise quarterback Eli Manning.

Too often this season, the Giants have relied on Manning to win games. While it is safe to say that more often than not, Eli will come through, that has not been the case so far this season.
The team needs to figure out a way to come through for Eli. For starters, they need to learn to do a better job of running the ball.

For the Giants, this means that learning to give running back David Wilson another true chance to get the job done. Obviously, he has had trouble holding on to the ball but the one way to fix that is by giving him more and more opportunities to learn from his mistakes by giving him the ball.

After fumbling the ball twice in the team’s opener against the Dallas Cowboys, it is clear that team head coach Tom Coughlin has been hesitant to use the 22-year-old running back. Wilson has been given the ball 25 times through three games, which is simply not enough.

Furthermore, none of the other team’s running backs have been given an opportunity to get it done for the Giants. Besides Wilson, there have been just 24 other rushing attempts made by the team.

The team’s running game has not gotten it done so far but that can change if Coughlin and Manning are willing to give it a chance. It can’t be worse than what the team’s offense has accomplished so far, right?

Secondly, the Giants’ offensive line needs to do a much better job. In three games, the Giants’ O-line has allowed Manning to be sacked 11 times, leading to a loss of 76 yards.

This is putting way too much pressure on Manning. According to senior writer and editor Michael Eisen, Coughlin has not ruled out making changes to the O-line and that he’ll likely consider it.

Lastly, the Giants’ defense needs to be a lot bet better. Through three games, the Giants has allowed 115 points, which is the worst in the NFL.

With the defense struggling, this has put pressure on Manning to try and get quick scores to get the team back into the game. Clearly, this has not worked in the first three games.

Basically put, the Giants need to take some of the pressure off of their star quarterback and have the rest of the team start doing what they can to make big plays instead of relying on Eli to do everything.
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