The Green Bay Packers have the X-factor at Lambeau Field

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The Green Bay Packers have more than just a talented team and a clever coach; the Packers also possess the x-factor required to dominate the NFL. This plays an important psychological role on the field when other teams lose confidence because of Packers intimidating aura. The Minnesota Vikings are destined to become the latest victim of their wrath when they face the Packers at the Lambeau Stadium on Monday.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier admitted in his pre-match press conference that any player would be nervous to play against the Packers, especially if it was their first time at the Lambeau Field. Frazier was clearly hinting towards the man that could prove to be Vikings’ savior in the night, quarterback Christian Ponder.

Ponder made a spectacular start for the Vikings against the Packers, three weeks ago. It was because of his mature performance that the Vikings came within inches of stealing a win from the Packers. Frazier understands that if Ponder has a good night, Vikings chances of winning the match would increase dramatically, nonetheless he didn’t want to pile any pressure on the youngster therefore he continued to talk without pointing names.

Frazier said, “I think it is a big deal for players. It’s such a storied place. It has so much history and tradition and the success that they’ve had over the years, so many players in our League look forward to one day playing at Lambeau Field. So, it does have an aura about it. But at the same time, once you get out there and you start playing, because these are professional football players, all of that goes by the wayside. The fact that you’re playing at Lambeau, the same place that Vince Lombardi coached and some of the great players that have played there over the years, once that first play is over, I think guys settle in and start playing football because that’s what they do. They are pros.”

Frazier also declared that the Monday night game would be very different from Packers visit to the Mall of America Field. Frazier stated that although the Vikings were arriving from a bye week, Lambeau Field was the home of the Packers, therefore it would be very hard to defeat them.

Frazier expressed, “… The fact that it’s Monday Night Football, it’s at Lambeau, that’s different. It’s every kid’s dream that aspires to be a professional football player to, one day, play Monday Night Football, so that will be different. But as I mentioned, once you start playing, all of that goes by the wayside. It becomes another game. Whatever you’re thinking during the week, and the jitters you may have in pre-game, it goes. Because this is what you do. He’s built to have success on Monday night and we fully expect him to have success.

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