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Are these curses or just meer coinikindinks?

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13 curses of Hollywood, curses or coincidence? I was watching this show on E! and thought some of these things are wicked weird, and thought I would get your take on them.

#13 The Curse of Rock star 27.. 

    Speculation started with Brian Jones of the Rolling stones in 1969, followed by  Jimi Hendrix, and two weeks later Janis Joplin dies at 27.  The 27 Club is a list of 40 rock musicians who have died at the age of 27 including Jim Morrison and Curt Cobain.  Rockers lead a hard lives most, if not all have or do abuse drugs and alcohol.  Many of the deaths are related to substance abuse.    

#12 Superman curse…

    According to the curse: “If you intend on playing the Strongest Man on Earth, you will either die or end up in the weakest position possible.”

Some say that the curse started when the co creators writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster felt that they were not compensated fairly from DC comics.  The first one who was attacked by the curse was George Reeves in the 1950, he was found dead from a gun shot wound to the head days before he was to be married.  In 1995 Christopher Reeve was in a horse riding accident paralyzing him from the neck down.  The actor died in 2004 from heart failure resulting from his condition.  Lee Quigley who played Superman as a baby in Superman the Movie was found dead in 1991 at the age of 14 from inhaling solvents.

#11 Lee family Curse..

    In July 1973 Bruce Lee was at a friends house where he complained of a head ache, took some analgesic ( painkiller) and Equagesic ( muscle relaxant and aspirin)  and went to take a nap, he never woke up.  His son Brandon Lee was 8 years old and vowed to follow in his fathers foot step.  Brandon Lee had taken some small parts in Hollywood, but in 1992 he was cast in the underground comic book The Crow.  In a scene in the film Brandon’s character was to walk into his apartment where he would stumble upon a group of men attacking his girlfriend, one of the men was to shoot Brandon.  A prop gun was to be used, but unfortunately the guns barrel was not empty.  Earlier in the day they had used it however the bullet had become lodged in the barrel.  While shooting the scene for the movie the same gun was used and loaded with a blank cartridge.  The squib load was still lodged in the gun and when fired was propelled into Lee’s body.  After a 6 hour operation and 60 pints of blood, the actor was pronounced dead on March 31st 1993, he was 28 years old.
    Many believe that the it was a curse that was passed down from his father, because Bruce had shared Martial Arts secrets with the western world.

#10 The curse of Billy Bob Thornton

  1998 was when the curse started with Billy Bob’s Slingblade co-star J. T. Walsh died at the age of  54 from a heart attack.  Jim Varne died 2 years later from lung cancer at the age of 50, after 3 years 2 more of his friends and costars John Ritter and Warren Zevon died within 4 days of each other.  Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January of 2008, the same month that costar Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment.  Followed by the death of 50 year old Bernie Mac who died after a short battle of pneumonia in August 2008.  Two other actors were spared from the curse in two separate rollover  car accidents in the summer of 2008 Shia Labouf ( Eagle Eye) and Morgan Freeman ( Levity).  So who is next?

#9 John Lennon’s haunting #9.

    John Lennon thought that the number 9 brought him luck…most days.  John was born on October 9th 1940 in Liverpool.( 9 letters) Discovered on Nov 9th 1961, on Ed Sullivan Feb 9th.  The Beatles called it quit after 9 year. Met Yoko Ono on Nov 9th 1966, they had a son Sean, born 9 year later, on John’s birthday Oct. 9th.  In 1980 John Lennon was shot to death, 9 years after he moved to New York.  He was pronounced dead at 11:07(1+1+7=9) pm on December 8th.  Not the 9th, but the date in Liverpool where he was born was… December 9th… do do voodoo

#8 The curse of the movie Atuk.

    In the 1970 there was a script that was written with one performer in mind, it was John Belushi.  John was cast in the role of the overweight Eskimo trying to make it in the big city.  While the comedic actor was preparing for the role, he was found dead  from a combination of cocaine and heroine.  A few years later the screenplay was handed off to a new actor Sam Kinison.  After a half of a day of work Sam freaked out and couldn’t do the rest of the film, said he didn’t like the way it was written and refused to do the rest of the filming, 2 years later Sam was killed in a fiery car crash.  They still wanted to make the movie, so they offered the script to John candy in 1993.  The actor was in the process of reading the script when he died of a heart attack.  A few years later they thought that Chris Farley would be good for the film, they offered him the role.  Chris Farley had handed the script to Phil Hartman to pay a costar of his in the film.  They have decided to shelf the script and have not offered it to anyone else.

#7 The Centerfold curse.


   There have been 25 centerfolds who have died at a young age.  The first was Marilyn Monroe, next was Jayne Mansfield who was nearly decapitated in a car accident.  In 1980 Dorothy Stratton was viciously killed by her estranged husband.  The latest was Anna Nicole Smith who died in February of 2007.  Is there a curse to be beautiful?

#6 Led Zeppelin Curse
Jimmy Page was fascinated with Black Magic and Aleister Crowley he even went so far as buying his mansion and a cape of his wearing it around.  It is said that the purchase of the Boleskine House  brought on demise to the band.  Starting with the broken finger of John Paul Jones the band guitarist, forcing the band to cancel their tour.  In 1977 while the band was on tour, Robert Plant found out that his son had died.  John Bonham died after a heavy day of drinking ( if 40 measures of vodka is heavy) he was put to bed after the party at Jimmy Page’s home and was found dead in the morning.  Jimmy Page doesn’t believe in the curse, because it has never effected him personally.

#5 the Curse of Little Bastard.
 During the filming of Rebel Without a Cause, Dean traded in his 356 Speedster for one of only 90 Porsche 550 Spyder.  It was customized by George Barris who also designed the Batmobile.  The car had the number 130 on the front, side and back of the car.  The car was  nicknamed  “Little Bastard” so custom car painter Bill Hickman painted the name on the car. 

On September 23rd 1955 James Dean and actor Alec Guinness were having lunch at Villa Capri in L.A. Dean insisted that Guinness came out to look at the car.  Alec told James that the car looked Sinister and said “Please never get in it. If you do, you will be dead within a week.”  One week later on September 30th  1955 James Dean and his Mechanic Rolf Wutherrich were traveling to a race in Salinas California when a 1950 Ford Custom Tudor coupe driven by Donald Turnupseed, attempted to take the fork onto State Route 41 and crossed into Dean’s lane.  The two cars hit head on.  Dean was pronounced dead upon arrival at 5:59 pm. 7 days after his lunch with Alec Guinness.
    George Barris purchased the wrecked automobile for $2500.00 after transporting it, it slipped off its trailer and broke the leg of the mechanic.  Barris sold parts of the car to Doctors Troy McHenery and William Exchrid.  While racing each other Troy lost control of his car, and was killed instantly as he his a tree.  William Eschrid was seriously injured when his car rolled several times after attempting a curve on the road.  The car’s misadventures did not end there, it continued with two tires from the car malfunctioning, causing the buyers car to run off the road.  Other things include broken bones, severe cuts, and a fire destroying the building that the car was being held… except for the car.  In 1960 the car was being transported back to George Barris when it vanished and it has not been seen since.

#4  The Exorcist Curse

    The church condemned it, Rev Billy Graham branded it evil, members of the audience were physically sickened by it, and people believe that there is a curse on the movie and those who were associated with it.  The set burned down for no apparent reason, and several people involved with the film died suddenly, including an assistant cameraman's baby, a night watchman and an actor whose character was killed in the movie. 9 dead, over a dozen people injured, 2 fires and the obsession for Jeffery Dahmer.. Need I say more?

#3 Polanski curse

    There was talk of Roman Polanski was in contact with Church or Satan leader Anton LaVey for the filming of Rosemary’s Baby thus cursing him and the film.  He called that idea “ridiculous”. 

Then on Aug 8th 1969 one of the most horrific things to come across. Sharron Tate, Roman’s pregnant wife and 4 friends were found bound, mutilated and murdered at their home.  Polanski was then booked in 1978 for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl.  He fled to France just days before he was sentenced.  He has not returned to the US since.

#2  The Poltergeist

    After month of production of flickering lights, pictures being moved, and eerie things happening on and off set.  The curse took an evil turn, after the films release the actress Dominique Dunne who played the oldest daughter was killed horrifically by her ex boyfriend at the age of 22.  3 years later when filming the sequel, there were even more evil turns.  Two actors Julian Beck and Will Sampson died while filming the trilogy.  The youngest actress Heather O’Rourke was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night while filming the 3rd installment, where she died from septic shock from an acute bowel obstruction.  

#1  The curse of the Dark Knight

   Did the Dark Knight call for Dark accidents?  A few months into shooting a stuntman was killed while testing out one of the cars.  Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment in January 2008.  Right after the movie came out Christian Bale had a run in with the law, he was being questioned by police for the assault on his mother and sister.  While the charges were dropped, it was eerie.  Then less than a month later Morgan Freeman was driving with a friend, when his car rolled on a Mississippi highway.  2 dead, one nearly injured and one run in with the law and this film isn’t out on dvd yet… what else can we expect?  
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Death is inevitable. There is a reason behind each death. some might not know it at the time, but should really think of what it is that GOD wants us to acknowledge, which is to appreciate life while we have it. We are never promised tomorrow. Everyday should be lived fully, fun and happy. It is definately to short to be angry over little things. If we are alive there is hope. We just have to know how to grasp it. Very nice article, it just goes to show that no matter who you are...death shows no mercy to anyone. When you leave this earth, YOu should leave your mArk on the world as something positive. Something people can say "that person inspired me to be a better person to myself and to others". L.I.F.E is L..iving I..t  F..ully E..veryday! iT IS the little things in life we should be thankful for.

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i saw this show on E! it was intersting...Well Done!!

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And Morgan Freeman must have some really great karma, cuz he was double cursed......

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WOW!!! How come I never saw this before!! Mrs Randompants, you gave me goosebumps.......

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She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

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