The Kings court is filled with jesters.

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    Two years ago while filming his movie More Than a Game, LeBron and director Kristopher Belman filmed at an apartment complex where James grew up. A deal was struck with residents that for the use of the building LeBron would sign their memorabilia. The shoot took longer than expected and LeBron left before it was over so the items ( a bobble head doll, LeBron James rookie card, a jersey, etc) were bagged up and taken to be returned later after they had been signed. Two years later and nothing has been returned. The residents have recently been informed the items were lost,and offered a signed jersey and ball, but after two years they say this is not enough and are threatening to sue, and bring criminal charges. I don't know how much of this is LeBron's fault, but it is going to be a minor PR problem for him if the items are not found and returned.
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