The Lady in Black is BACK!

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How many times have you been to a dance and as soon as you walk in you notice standing there in all of her glory. The most beautiful women that you have ever set your eyes on?  Her demeanor speaks for itself.  She has that take no prisoners look about her. She stares around the room knowing that all eyes are on her. She has a confidence in her that sends an electrical charge right thru your entire body. You start to sweat at just the thought of getting close to her. Then your body starts to tingle as you get up the nerve to make your way up to her to introduce yourself. She stares you straight in the eye knowing that she has you mesmerized. She is also dressed in the most succulent shade of black as you stare at her long straightaway that leads right up to her firm but tight corners. You start to tell yourself. This is one woman who if coerced in the right way can be tamed. But you also know that many have tried. And many have failed.


 This Saturday night. 43 of Nascar’s top superstars will once again enter the 1.366 dance floor to see who will be good or should I say lucky enough to be able to dance 367 laps with her and walk away with her respect as well as the respect of his fellow drivers. But just like in years past. The victory will not come that easy. Especially since during the off season she just took on a new face lift. Her black asphalt has been redone to make her even more beautiful then ever. With the added beauty will also be a faster tempo to her dance steps. Sorry Helio but you are not invited to this dancing with the stars. This dance is reserved for the ones who have earned there way into this private dance. As each one of our favorite drivers makes their way around this teardrop shaped track. We can be sure that more then one of them will feel like crying when the night is over.


As the music plays and the infamous stripes are given away. Who will be the one to tame this lady in black? The almost untamable lady. She never goes down without a fight. She will be looking to help Dale Jr. extend his losing streak to 72. As well as any other driver who dares to call her his own. Can Matt finally make it half way through a race without having to visit the garage prematurely?  Will it be Carl making it 4 race wins this season while doing back flips at the sweet taste of victory? Or can Jeff Gordon make it 8 wins at the same track where his very own car just last year was seen spitting at this mysterious lady on his way to victory?


Maybe that’s what it will take Tony Stewart to finally figure out what has made this lady so mysterious to him. Since he has only led 8 laps in 15 starts at this black beauty. Hardly anything to brag about. And how about Jimmie Johnson? Last year’s back to back cup champion who hasn’t seen victory lane here since 2004. Just last year he was only able to watch from 3rd place as his teammate and car owner Jeff Gordon spit his way to victory lane. Maybe this untamable lady likes a driver who will constantly abuse her? Dale Earnhardt Sr. knew just what it took to tame this lady in black. He danced his way to 9 wins only 1 behind David Pearson who had 10 of his own.


Can the Dodge boys bring this mysterious lady under submission long enough to sneak away with a win? So far the only highlight was Ryan Newman winning the Daytona 500.  Ryan also leads the fight sitting 11th in the point standings. RCR has also been looking good so far this season with Jeff Burton leading the way sitting 2nd in points as the rest of his teammates round out the top 5. RCR has really stepped it up for the bow ties this season. Especially when all of the pre season hype was all centered on the team of Rick Hendricks Motorsports.  But all of that has given way to the Toyota team of Joe Gibbs Racing. It seems that Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch have made it there mission this season to take the hype from HMS and show them that there is new sheriff in town. Denny not only won at Martinsville. But also came back to Talladega and just last week at Richmond to show the bow ties that he will not just stand around and let them steal the headlines without having to work for them. He not only led the most laps. But just straight out dominated until he had tire problems.


But the one who has really taken Nascar by storm. Has to be 23 year old Kyle Busch. What he has done this season is light a fire under those who have ever doubted his racing skills. At a time when most thought that Nascar was starting to lose its fan base. In comes one of the most exciting drivers to hit the Nascar scene since Jeff Gordon made his Winston cup debut back in 1993. What Kyle has brought to the sport is reminiscent of how races were run back in the days of old. When drivers raced a no holds barred, trading paint, bumping and grinding, hard nosed style of racing. A style that seemed to go away once The Intimidator lost his life on a last lap accident at the 2001 Daytona 500. Whether you like him or not? He is definitely a breath of fresh air. A breath that Nascar so much needed in this day and age when most drivers are more worried about being politically correct then what they are getting paid to do. And that is banging and bumping there way around the track.


But will all of this be enough to be able to dance with this fierce, intimidating lady. She is ruthless. She has no love for any one driver. She has no favorites.  To beat her is to defeat her at her own game. And to do that?  It takes a driver with guts of steel. Because just when you think you have her in your grip? She will backhand you faster then you can blink. Knocking you right into that same wall that maybe a few laps earlier your right fender had the honor of meeting up close. So as we approach the eve of mothers’ day? Remember that this will be the night of redemption. The night when all of those drivers who make the starting field. Will once again get a chance to dance the dance. The unforbidden dance. And once again only one the 43 will get the privilege to see her in all of her beauty. That beauty will come at the end of a long fought battle. A battle that win or lose. Will always belong to the lady in black. I’m Out

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5/9/08   |   sweetmarie322001

Excellent Blog 3Fan.

5/8/08   |   foolforstamping

About time you wrote a blog about me 3fan LOL.  You finally appreciate me for the woman I am someone to be reckoned with.  K I gotta go change now I think I just wet myself.

5/8/08   |   pawleys_isle

shortxer wrote:

Great way of stating the facts.

BTW: maybe we men need to start thinking of our favorite track when we are trying to get OUT of the dog house. lol


I think you are on to something there. 

5/8/08   |   pawleys_isle

Beautiful Sal. 

Oh and you know who I'm going with.  Gotta keep hoping it will happen. 

But once again, just beautiful writing. 

5/8/08   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

I doubt Helio minds not being at Darlington (a fine track, don't get me wrong), since he's at the greatest race track in the world right now getting ready for the Indy 500.

5/8/08   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

lol...excellent...will it get featured?

5/8/08   |   shortxer

Great way of stating the facts.

BTW: maybe we men need to start thinking of our favorite track when we are trying to get OUT of the dog house. lol

5/8/08   |   isucubs   |   27 respect

wow.. nice writing

5/8/08   |   frevr3fan

kantwistaye wrote:
Should be an interesting race.  In the tests they were apparently going 200 MPH into the corners which is absolutely insane.

Especially with the new surface. The cars wont bump around as much like in the years past. 

5/8/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Should be an interesting race.  In the tests they were apparently going 200 MPH into the corners which is absolutely insane.