The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

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Not the way I intended to close out the month of March as yesterday's 0-2 was just a whimper instead of a roar.  It was a weird week all the way through.  I was on the right side of most games until the last few minutes of all those I lost.  That's no consolation when I end up with a 5-8 (2-4 in the NBA and 3-4 with college hoops) for the week though.  And you know how I am by now.  After a strong start to the month, t hate to have to give anything back, but that's what last week's scuffle forced me to do.  Still, at 27-21 (10-12 in the NBA and 17-9 with college hoops), I still expanded The Empire slightly, and expansion is all that really matters in the end.

We start a new month today, and baseball gets going in full force tomorrow.  Life is good.  Let's see what we can do about making it rain down victories to get April going.

THE NBA  (2-4 ATS/4-2 SU/3-3 TOTALS last night, 27-26/35-18/27-26 for the week and 108-102/141-66/98-112 for the month)

BUTTA  (0-1 last night, 2-4 for the week and 10-12 for the month)
Bulls (-200) over CELTICS - One thing we know about the Bulls:  They are a resilient bunch.  When they get punked like they did on Friday night, they come back strong for the next game.  As I look over the numbers for this game, I can see that there's very little wiggle room between my projection and the posted number, and given the fact that the Celts are still playing very hard and not just playing out the string, I'm just going to take the money and run with a simple Bulls win.
Jazz   91 Pacers   93
THUNDER (-15, O201 1/2) 119 CAVS (+5 1/2, O183)   92
Wolves 103 Raptors   97
NETS (-4, O210) 121 MAGIC (+5, U195 1/2)   96
Bulls (-5, O182 1/2)   96 Knicks (+6 1/2, O199)   98
Grizzlies   92 Suns 117
BLAZERS (-1 1/2, U192)   98 LAKERS (+8 1/2, O228) 111

---An Interesting dynamic in Cleveland today on a couple of levels:  Another loss by the Pacers today would mean that after beating the Heat on Wednesday to extend their lead in the East, Indiana would actually lose a game in the standings to the Heat from where they were before that showdown game.  For the Cavs, they're trying to make a charge toward that 8th and final playoff spot in the conference.  With the way the Hawks and Knicks are going, plus the fact that the Knicks will probably drop another game tonight against the Warriors, the Cavs would be right there with 7 games to play if they win.
---I really think the Magic are a play today getting points at home against the Dinos.  Yes, Toronto still has a lot to play for as they try to hold off the Nets and capture that #3 seed in the conference, but Orlando is a real handful at home.  Watch out for that one.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (2-0 ATS & SU/1-1 TOTALS last night, 25-14 ATS &SU/18-21 TOTALS for the week and 216-181/246-137/284-193 for the month)

BUTTA  (0-1 last night, 3-4 for the week and 17-9 for the month)
Michigan St. (-260) over UConn - I talked yesterday about how guard play was essential to success in The Madness.  This game looks like a wash between the talented guards of each squad.  That means the game should be decided in the paint, and the size and productivity of the Spartan bigs should tell the tale.  At this point in the proceedings, however, laying (-5 1/2) does feel like a stretch.
UConn 69 Kentucky 66
Michigan St. (-5 1/2, O139 1/2) 76 Michigan (+2, U141)            70

It really Is amazing.  With all the criticism of the Big Ten plus 2, and I'm not the only one who has been all over them this season, they stand a very good chance of having 3 of the Final Four teams.  Bragging rights would definitely be in order and justified if that happens.  Have a grand and glorious Sunday!  I'll see you tomorrow.
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