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Blog Photo - The Latest Pre-Super Bowl Update from New YorkIs it only Thursday? Man oh man does time not fly when you’re waiting out the dead zone week between the Conference Championships and Super Sunday. It was just last week that I was commenting about how no one in New York was really paying attention to Super Bowl hype week here. But this week, all of that changed. Well… kinda. Here’s more on that and a few other random pre-Supe thoughts from the Big Apple.
NFL News Frenzy! This past Monday all of New York’s news outlets awoke from their mid-winter slumbers and decided it was time to time to start touting this Super Bowl thing that’s being advertised in New York and played in New Jersey. With no snow storms to report on, most local television outlets devoted like 90% of their reporters to Super Bowl duty. The results have been underwhelming, to say the least. Random boring player interviews, more random boring fan interviews, and not one hard-hitting interview with Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas about his mother and grandmother watching the game from prison or with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about when he first realized that he was a d-bag. What is this, amateur hour?
Media Day Dorks. So they held this year’s Super Bowl Media Day in Newark, which is like inviting a bunch of friends you don’t really like over to help paint your apartment which is located in the fifth circle of hell. Media Day is consistently one of the most pointless exercises leading up to the big game. A bunch of reporters asking the same inane questions, a bunch of players offering the same tired platitudes, and a handful of gumballs running around in stupid costumes representing media outlets from countries you’ve never heard of. But by far the most offensive thing about this year’s Media Day is that there were a bunch of fans willing to shell out $30.00 just to watch it. Again, they didn’t get to walk around and ask questions themselves, they just got to watch. Did I mention this took place in Newark? Lesson? The NFL will never tire of separating nimrods from their money.
Freedom of No Speech. As intrepid FIQ poster Pat pointed out earlier, it’s quite ridiculous what kind of a stink is made when someone like Marshawn Lynch really doesn’t want to talk to the press. Who decided that it’s cool to make these guys talk to reporters, or anyone else for that matter, even if they really don’t want to? The media and the NFL want it both ways.  The media want athletes to talk no matter what, but when they slip up and say something wrong, reporters fall back on the old, “hey I was just writing what you were saying” explanation. The NFL desperately wants the players to jaw (don’t kid yourselves, Goodell and the boys loved Richard Sherman’s antics) and hype the big game, but get very upset when one of them says something wholly politically incorrect when answering his 50th question of the morning. Bottom line, these players should be allowed to keep their yaps shut when they want, just like any other American citizen.
Boulevard of Broken Bones? The Super Bowl Boulevard set up here in Times Square is kinda funny. First of all, the centerpiece of the whole things is a toboggan slide? Just what does a toboggan slide have to do with football? There are other exhibits set up for fans to enjoy but they still don’t seem to be getting the attention that organizers had hoped for. Some are blaming cold weather and reporters keep saying things like “There are a few more people coming out now. Things are starting to pick up.” But the truth is, it’s not all that interesting and nowhere near accurate. Next year if they really want to give fans a true NFL experience they should set up rides like “The Concussionator” and “The Knee Shredder.” Then maybe include some sort of virtual tour where you start out young, healthy and filthy rich and end up middle-aged, suffering from dementia, and broke. Hey, I love football but the truth is the truth.
OK, unless there are any unforeseen last-minute developments concerning Wes Welker boarding the wrong bus out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal or Golden Tate streaking through the Lincoln Tunnel, that’s all for the pre-game updates from New York. Enjoy the game everyone!
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Go Seahawks!! Watching the game by myself, screaming at the TV, eating SB food.  Was supposed to be elsewhere, but plans got changed, so here I am :)  

1/31/14   |   jgclancy   |   4 respect

If I had known there was a slide I migh have gine to Super Bowl Boulevard. Otherwise, it's a buncha peoplemilling about like on ST. Patrick's Day but without the booze. Go Broncos!