The Los Angeles Lakerís would be smart to try Gilbert Arenas out

The Los Angeles Lakers would be smart to try Gilbert Arenas out

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been tirelessly and obsessively looking for a new point guard and not it seems that their search might have come to a halt with Gilbert Arenas.
According to Adrian Wojnarowski who is a Yahoo! Sports NBA insider, numerous officials from the Los Angeles squad attended a private conference with the 30-year-old Gilbert Arenas in Southern California.
Arenas is a three-time All-Star player and in the test, the man performed well and cleared out some concerns that the officials had concerning Arenas knee and general health conditions.
Arenas is a native Angeleno and has done more than enough for the Lakers to extend him an invitation to wear the Gold and Purple.
Arenas was actually cut from Orlando Magic due to the one time amnesty clause in the new agreement as he is definitely not the player he once was, who used to score around 25 points per game and as he has been riddled with injuries, plus let’s not forget the 50 game ban that Arenas landed himself when he brought guns to the locker room.
Still Arenas is a man that is worth something around $1.4 million and with people like Steve Blake and Derek Fisher on the team with Kobe Bryant it would not be a stupid move for the Los Angeles Lakers to try Arenas out.
The worst case scenario that could even result with adding Gilbert Arenas to the roster would be that the team would be out of around a million for trying out a new point guard in the team.
Mike Brown the head coach of the team can possibly play Arenas in the right role and this could actually motivate the team which can improve the court experience and the outcome of every game.
Still even managing anything at this point would be an improvement for the Lakers as due to the non-Black Mamba backcourt play right now.
It is still not clear whether Mitch Kupchak the general manager would be comfortable with this move, as this does not look like a long term solution to the point guard problem in the team as the Lakers can be better served by recruiting someone like Ramon Sessions, Rajon Rondo or even Jonny Flynn.
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