The Mass Media's Attack on Kobe: Manipulating Perception

6/30/12 in NBA   |   rick_ross95   |   8 respect

Is it just me, or is everything negative regarding the Lakers blamed on Kobe?
I mean even down to the front office business Kobe's name still pops up!


NBA Rumors: Lakers, Kobe Bryant Looking into Trades with Hawks, Grizzlies?

Don't worry guys this time he was trying to spell Jim Buss! That's what happens after too many shots of Jim Bean
you get your owners and your Hall of Fame players mixed up.

ESPN will have us believe that Lebron is the most hated, He definitely is not and the competition isn't even close.
Kobe Bryant is by far the most hated active player in the NBA.

NBA fans don't hate Lebron they hate the fact that the NBA has put him on a pedestal. One cannot deny the talents on Lebron James, However one will be a fool to down grade the Hall of Fame worthy career of Kobe Bryant.

Not many players can you split up the time they spent in their first jersey number and second have argument for two separate Hall of Fame careers!

It's time to come off it against all odds and whatever the NBA and the Media throws at Kobe,  no matter how desperately they want to stifle his career. He is not going away. Regardless what is put out in the U.S media. The world still refers to Kobe as the greatest player alive. That says a lot about our perception.

Catapulting Lebron to the top of the NBA's echelon after one ring makes as much sense as one playoff series through out a 9 year career where he didn't choke his team out of contention.
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