The Miami Heat Will Win Game 5, Here's Why

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The Miami Heat were straight bullied in Game 4. And that's just looking at the rebounding disparity between them and the Pacers (49 - 30). You take a deeper dive into the rebounding and find that the Pacers nabbed 15 offensive rebounds - while the Heat had only 18 DEFENSIVE rebounds all night. 

Bullied. Demolished. If you just took a look at the rebounding disparity, you would think the Pacers mollywhopped the Heat, and put the series into perspective. But then you dive deeper into the numbers. 

The Heat shot 39% to the Pacers 50%, however, Indiana only made five more baskets throughout the game, 35 to Miami's 30. The Heat connected on 5 more three-point attempts, hitting 8 to the Pacers 3. 

Free throws were almost identical, with Indiana knocking down 26 and Miami 24. 

Blog Photo - The Miami Heat Will Win Game 5, Here's WhySo you can almost say, after dissecting these numbers, other than rebounding, they played almost an even game - with Indiana taking the cake. However...

Miami had a grand total of 6 turnovers in the game. The Pacers? 12. Which the Heat turned into 21 points. Turnovers against the Heat will eat you alive - especially when you have Lebron James and Dwyane Wade running the break.

The Heat have been the to the Finals the last two seasons. They know that they need to commit every ounce of energy to boxing out/rebounding and getting out on the break.  Without limiting the Pacers to one shot, the Heat are in trouble, however, after getting embarrassed on the glass in Game 4, the Heat were in a position to win the game at the end. 

Lebron is the best player of our generation. Dwyane Wade is the most forgotten about superstar in this league because he plays sidekick to the top player in the world. Oh yeah, then they lean on Chris Bosh and the array of three-point threats on their bench. 

Miami will close this series in 6. Not because Indiana doesn't have it in them to defeat the Heat, but because Miami are the ones who have been there - the mental aspect of the game is half the battle. And Miami owns it. 

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