The New York Rangers Blew A 4-0 Lead, Lost 5-4 To The Capitals. Changes Are Needed.

Time To Bring Sean Avery Back To New York

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The New York Rangers blowing of a 4-0 lead has opened my eyes to their true colors. Something needs to be done. Now.

Wade Redden and Dmitri Kalinin---gone. I don't care how you do it, get rid of these two traffic cones. I still can't figure out whether Kalinin, at a team-low minus 16 rating, is lazy or just fat, and Redden seems like he spends all game thinking about what kind of haircut he's going to get with his $38.5M next.

Perry Pearn---the power play coach gone. 27th in the league in power-play conversion rate, PLUS leading the league in short-handed goals against with 10, with the talent that we have, is entirely unacceptable. This trend has been constant during his tenure here, as the Rangers powerplay has always underachieved. Or at least demote him to "coach who answers every question starting with the word 'well,'"

Sean Avery needs to come back to New York. Hate me for even bringing that up, but this team could really use him. This game is a perfect example-you know he would have done something to turn back the momentum to the Rangers side after the Caps scored their second goal. Plus he does have some offensive skills that can be used on the second line.

Paul Mara needs to be re-signed. I don't care if it's during the off-season or Jan. 1st. But this team needs him.

So here's how they should do it:

Trade Redden and Nigel Dawes for Avery and a defenseman from Dallas. I know Dallas said they didn't want a "top" defenseman to replace Zubov, but if it means getting rid of Avery and his $3.75M cap hit, they might consider it. Dawes gives them extra incentive as they get a young player with potential, and we get a d-man replacement in return. This trade makes sense for both teams, although Glen Sather, the Rangers GM, may be reluctant to do it, as his ego may prevent it; making this trade will be like admitting that he made a mistake not re-signing Avery and signing Redden instead.

Kill Perry. I don't care how you do it. Put Mike Pelino- the penalty killing coach (1st in the league) as PP coach. He already does a good job with the PK, and ANYONE can do a better job than Perry.

Throw Kalinin in a trash can. Call up Correy Potter from Hartford.

Replace Dawes' spot with Avery to make a line of Sean Avery-Chris Drury-Ryan Callahan

This should leave enough cap room to re-sign Mara for more than the $1.9M that he is currently getting after he asks for more, which he will deserve. It also opens up cap room for our other signings next offseason (Dubinsky, Callahan, Zherdev, Betts, Orr)
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