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The Official World Pole Sport Championships

10/8/11 in Locker Room   |   Ripx7   |   90 respect

I'm angry - I mean really angry, I participate at FANIQ, because I expect someone with more freetime than me to know about, write about, and keep me informed about these types of "Competitions".   Apparently this isn't just for citizens of Poland either (Where I assume this is a National Sport).  Additionally, there appears to a Men's category. 

We'll need to have this category added to the pick list, as I expect Quizzes and Trivia to be posted at near record rates.  Local nominations and photos (Which are generally frowned upon in my local "Competitive" environment.)

The ultimate World Pole Sport Fitness Competition, featuring the World’s best pole performers, in a showcase event demonstrating sheer physical strength with mesmerizing skill and stamina through individually choreographed routines.

Bringing together over 26 Countries on five continents, World Pole Dance is the leading organisation for world pole dance events to ensure the world’s leading pole competitions inspire fitness and a passion for life by taking Pole Fitness into the mainstream fitness and dance culture, World Pole Dance allows the opportunity for everyone to take master classes with their most inspiring instructor / performer during the days leading up to and after the competition. 

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11/15/11   |   thumper622000   |   212 respect

 there are stripper competitions every year all over the country dude......but I do agree that watching very flexible toned women do almost anything is very entertaining 

10/9/11   |   kobe_lova   |   61818 respect

 You're angry? Really? There are stripper championships here every year, fyi.

10/8/11   |   beach_pirate   |   1121 respect

NOT ... the "pole dancing' Im familiar with!