The Philadelphia Eagles should name Nick Foles the starting quarterback

Give Nick Foles the football!

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Nov 3, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) throws a pass during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. The Eagles defeated the Raiders 49-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsGoing into this season, everyone in Philadelphia though that the Eagles' starting quarterback was Michael Vick.

In the beginning, Vick did not disappoint. He was putting up solid numbers, doing a good job of taking care of the football and helping his team put points up on the board.

In fact, he was terrific in his team's first two games of the season. In those two games, he completed 38 of 61 attempts for 631 yards with four touchdowns, no interceptions and a passer rating of 119 to go along with 77 rushing yards.

Something changed in a game against the New York Giants back on October 6. Vick came out of the game with an injury and Foles went in and more than got the job done as he completed 16 of his 25 attempts for 197 yard, two touchdowns and two field goals to give his team a 36-21 victory.

Since that time, it is clear who the Eagles' starting quarterback is, even if Vick was not injured. Foles, 24, has been great as the team's starting quarterback as he has thrown 13 touchdown passes, has no interceptions, has completed over 62 percent of his passes for 1,028 yards and has an impressive QBR of 127.4.

It is easy to say that Foles' signature game came last Sunday in his team's 49-20 win over the Oakland Raiders. In that game, Foles ended up throwing seven touchdown passes (you read that right) for 406 yards and had an unbelievable QBR of 158.3.

Yes, the Raiders are not exactly the league's best team and have a lot of holes defensively but nevertheless, Foles did what he had to do to exploit every one of the Raiders' weaknesses. Foles ran the Eagles' offense the way head coach Chip Kelly always envisioned and did so with accuracy and an ability to put points up on the board.

While Vick is still on the roster and the Eagles hope that he can come back, it is hard to believe that Vick will be with this team come next season because of the way Foles has played. Foles has played with confidence, has not been reckless with the football, has stayed healthy and more importantly, has his team within striking distance in the NFC East.

Obviously, Foles is not perfect. He is not great at running with the ball like Vick is nor does he have the kind of speed that Vick has.

With that said, however, Foles makes up for that with great vision in and out of the pocket, great awareness of what is going on around him and terrific accuracy when throwing the football. When you put those things together, you have yourself a solid quarterback.

With several weeks left to go in the season and a confident quarterback at the helm, the Eagles have an opportunity to win this division. Giving Foles the football was always the right thing to do and now, the Eagles must go with it and see where it leads.
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