The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 1/16

The Redshirt Daily: 1.16.13

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Blog Photo - The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 1/16If today could be summed up in two words, it would be Manti Te'o. First we find out that his father is actually a complete and total tool. According to dear old dad, when Manti gets burned, it's irresponsible journalism to call him on it. I wonder how he feels about the latest issue involving Manti's imaginary girlfriend? I'm sure we'll hear about that soon enough. In the meantime, we get to judge for ourselves. Is Manti a victim, or was he in on it? Or both?

While some team's cities are talking smack and getting ready for the next round of the playoffs, the Steelers are considering which players are expendable - some of those names might surprise you.

For about three seconds before the Te'o news flooded social medial, Chip Kelly was all the rage. Remember when he told everyone he was staying in Oregon? Evidently he changed his mind. Meet the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you've never seen the "Bad Lip Reading" videos before, now's the perfect time to start.

And in case you haven't heard...Hockey's back! And it's looking like we're already predicting possible 2013 Stanley Cup winners

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