The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 1/17

The Redshirt Daily: 1.17.13

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Blog Photo - The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 1/17Welcome, sports fans!

There were a couple of things lost yesterday in all of the Manti Te'o business. First, Lance Armstrong (you remember him, the cyclist who finally admitted to doping a few days ago) was stripped of his 2000 Olympic bronze medal. And on the NBA front, LeBron James made history by scoring his 20,000th point and 5,000th assist. I'm sure Lance is thrilled that his news was overshadowed, Lebron...not so much.

The NFL head coaching vacancies have all been filled as of today, unless Jerry Jones changes his mind and lets Jason Garrett go after all. The Jaguars found their next ex-wife in Seattle as they hire Gus Bradley to oversee the team. I have a hunch Matt Flynn will soon follow. Congratulations, Jags fans. Maybe. The Colts lose Bruce Arians, the man who was considerably underrated by everyone who thinks Andrew Luck single-handedly turned around that franchise, to Arizona. Unfortunately, without a real QB at the helm, he may struggle. And you've probably heard by now, but Chip Kelly did indeed change his mind and will be coaching the Eagles next season. Is he just Andy Reid: The Sequel? Or will he actually bring the Lombardi to Philly?

Remember Ryan Leaf? He's in trouble again. Or still. I don't even know anymore.

There are a couple of huge games going on this weekend between the final four teams left in the NFL playoffs. The later it gets, the fewer teams left, the easier it seems to make predictions. Who are you putting your money on?

Can anyone who puts 10,000 hours into something excel at it? Well, not necessarily, but these kids are going to try their luck.

I can't say it any better than the introduction of the actual blog; Just when you thought you were no longer interested in the Penn State scandal... IT PULLS YOU BACK IN! That's right, Pacino fans - AlPa will be playing JoPa in the upcoming biopic about the coach.

(What do you mean, AlPa isn't a thing?)

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