The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 12/18

The Redshirt Daily: 12.18.12

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Welcome to the first installment of FanIQ's Best of the Web daily recap. This edition will include some of the best of our blogs from over the past few days, just to catch up a bit.

Let's start with the sport that's on the forefront of everybody's mind, the
When London Fletcher sent 42 of his friends and family to the game in Cleveland, you can bet he didn't expect for any of them to be arrested, tased, or hospitalized.  But that, they were, and Fletcher is blaming not his family, or the Dawg Pound, but Browns security for the incident.

Blog Photo - The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 12/18Speaking of pushing and shoving, did you happen to see Bucs linebacker Adam Hayward get into it with defensive front 7 coach, Bryan Cox? (Click for vid.) Obviously the Bucs were frustrated in Sunday's game, but that's a little unnecessary.

Adrian Peterson is out of control, in the best way if you're a Vikings fan...or even a football fan who can respect the talent of any player regardless of affiliation. He needs just under 300 yards over the next two weeks to break Eric Dickerson's single-season record of 2,105. Unfortunately, the NFL has a love affair with QBs, so it might be surprising to see him win a very deserved MVP award this season.

There are only a small percentage of people at this point that are still alive in their fantasy leagues as we roll in to Championship Week. Are you one of them? There are still some very valuable players that might still be on waivers in your league. Here's a bit of help if you need it.

A lot of the Chicago Bears are frustrated. We hear from Cutler occasionally, and whose heart didn't ache when they watched a torn-up Brandon Marshall at their last post-game presser? Apparently Brian Urlacher is sick of the fans booing them at home. Do you blame them?

Amidst the offseason signings, we have some Hall of Fame business to discuss in Major League Baseball. Remember when the only controversy around the HOF ballot was whether or not Pete Rose should get in? Now we're facing a whole new set of players with a whole new set of controversial issues.

You didn't think we'd be cruising into the Bowl season without some college football news did you? Of course not. Especially when players are being suspended from Outback Bowls for violating team rules and another player is undergoing season-ending surgeries before the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

If a college basketball coach wins 900 career games, can he be considered overrated? Well, taking into account the fact that Jim Boeheim has only taken his Syracuse Orange to three Final Four appearances, only one resulting in a National Championship in 34 years...probably.

Blog Photo - The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 12/18Speaking of overrated...
Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't follow basketball closely enough to know either way, but I know a lot of people love Kobe Bryant. I also know a lot of people hate him, which usually means one thing in sports: he's pretty good. Recently, Andrew Bynum claimed that Kobe stunted his growth. Obviously "Black Mamba" had to strike back with a slam of his own, saying that he trusts Dwight Howard much more than he trusted Bynum. 

But enough about the vets. With all of the other Rookie talk going on in sports recently, the progress and achievements of NBA's rookies are being overlooked. Not here.

That's it for today. We will be back tomorrow, and every day after, for a recap of the day's news around the FanIQ blog. Remember, if you would like to contribute to the blog it's easy! Just click "Start Writing" in the orange banner at the right side of the page, or the "Add Article" option in the top navigation of the site. We would love to hear from you! 
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