The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 12/19

The Redshirt Daily: 12.19.12

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Welcome to the FanIQ Redshirt Daily, where we give a recap of the biggest stories of the day from our very own blog!

Well it looks like Rex Ryan has finally come to his senses, now that the Jets' season is over. Naming Greg McElroy the team's starting quarterback may have ramifications though, forcing Tebow to request a way out of New York. Do you think Rex should start Tebow from here on out, or get a look at what his one QB who actually showed a bit of promise this year can do?

Blog Photo - The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 12/19While we're hearing about the 3-man race to ROY between a few promising quarterbacks (what's up with that? What about Doug Martin?) and why Adrian Peterson should be named MVP over Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or anyone else, Calvin Johnson has been quietly doing his best to shatter Jerry Rice's single-season record of 1,848 receiving yards. Who knew?

Things are looking good for the Washington Redskins - and bad for the rest of the NFC East. It seems as if RGIII is ready for battle, and has been showing as much on the practice field.

Another player in the NFC East is also expected to take the field on Sunday; Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy will have some carries for the first time since Week 11. Michael Vick, who is also cleared to play, will probably not.

You would think that having lost Josh Hamilton and failing to sign a couple of other big names to the roster would bring in the big red panic button for the Texas Rangers. But are the Rangers actually one of the smarter teams so far this offseason?

So far this week we've looked at a few potential Baseball Hall of Fame names, and we continue with that insight here, with the 2nd list of "Newbies" at a glance.

Apparently the Lakers bench has earned themselves a new identity - at least in Kobe's mind - and that identity is "havoc". 

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