The Redshirt Daily: FanIQ Blog Review 2/4

The Redshirt Daily: 2.4.13

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It's hard to believe it's over already. It seems like just last week we were amped for the upcoming season, wondering which of the rookies would blow us away and which would be busts. And wow, what a rookie class we had.  Can you believe that three of the five rookie starting QB's led their team to the playoffs? Unreal. At the end of the year, Robert Griffin III won the coveted Offensive ROY award. Defensive ROY went to Luke Kuechly of the Panthers.

Some other NFL hardware was awarded as well; we got to see who won the MVP award between Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson, who won Offensive Player of the Year, and who got Comeback Player of the Year. You knew all of that was going to one or both of those guys. Do you agree with the results?

Also, Coach of the Year went to a very deserving Bruce Arians, and Defensive Player of the Year obviously went to J.J. Watt. Do you think any coach or defensive player were more deserving of these awards?

The 2013 class of the NFL Hall of Fame was announced, and Chris Carter finally got in. Bill Parcells too. And a few other names that have been on the waiting list for awhile.

Something else happened this weekend too...what was it? Oh yes, the Super Bowl. The Big Game. The Har-Bowl. Apparently regardless of who you were rooting for, it was a helluva game. And while the NFL is still trying to figure out what happened with the electricity, an awful lot of people had their theories. And you know what the results of a 34-minute longer broadcast of a game in which people are eating and drinking and being merry are? More eating and drinking and being merry. What could possibly go wrong

Fortunately for the fans at home, or maybe unfortunately in some cases, the commercials were not disrupted. Which were your favorites? Least favorites? Undecided?

When all was said and done last night, Jim Harbaugh threw a fit, Ray Lewis cried, some dude named Chykie Brown laid down on the field and made some confetti angels, and Joe Flacco won Super Bowl MVP as his last act of his current contract. Do you think he's worth the money the Ravens are probably going to throw at him?


It's also hard to believe "Linsanity" has only been a household term for just a year. You thought that mess was just a flash in the pan didn't you? I don't follow basketball much, but even I know who this Jeremy Lin guy is. Where did Linsanity begin? Right here.


Once again, I missed a big MMA event. What are we at, UFC 5,372 now? I kid, I kid. But seriously. Apparently UFC 156 was incredibly exciting for those rooting for the Brazilians. I have just one question; what the hell is a BlackZilian? And did you know that these guys earn $50k bonuses for cool stuff such as "Knockout of the Night" and "Submission of the Night"? Sounds like just another fun thing for gamblers to place bets on, but that's just me.


So the main thing I remember about the Dodgers in recent years is that they're something of a mess. But now they're doing something that I wish my teams would do - a Social Media Rewards program for fans! Now tell me you wouldn't participate in something like that...

We have GeorgeMon, JoeKukura, Matthew_Shovelin, Pat, aaronjchung, MortonsLaw, and natsaar to thank for today's highlighted stories. 

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