The Secret to Patriots inspiring ‘team-chemistry’

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Over the past couple of years the New England Patriots have established that they are one of the most well coordinated teams in the NFL. The Patriots have proved that with their stable form and inspiring performances each season. Clearly, it would be hard to topple the Patriots even though their roster keeps changing and new faces keep on arriving at the Gillette Stadium, so the question is: what is the secret to Patriots impeccable team-chemistry?

There are a couple of possible answers to that question but the real answer will probably be locked in a high security safe of the Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Some speculate that the safe might actually be the brilliant brain of Belichick and well truth be told the secret to Patriots inspiring team-chemistry is the coach, Bill Belichick himself.

A reporter recently asked Belichick in an interview if he was nervous when he played Sterling Moore and Jeff Tarpinian even though they were barely ready to play together. Belichick admitted that the duo had minimal practice together but believed that their initial training was enough to make them work together. Belichick stated that there was no way of assuring that a decision will be right but experience often comes in handy.

Belichick stated, “What happens when the lights go on, you never really know for sure. You have to wait and see that. Jeff has been playing all year in the kicking game, so we've seen that. Sterling really hasn't really had a lot of opportunity to play. Those guys have practiced a lot and they've certainly gotten a lot of reps in practice, so you can start to evaluate how they perform in practice, but that's not the same as games. When you put a player in the game who hasn't played in a game before, you're a little bit looking to see how he's going to react in game conditions.

Belichick added, “Some guys do better; some guys not as good. [For] some guys, it takes them a little while to get going. That's certainly a little bit of an ongoing evaluation, but from a practice standpoint, those guys - especially Jeff - have had reps all year defensively. When he's been out there - he missed some time at training camp - but when he's been out there, he's had plenty of reps on defense. And Sterling, as the weeks have gone along, he's gotten progressively more. And more this week, obviously, with [Patrick] Chung being very limited in practice all week; Sterling got more reps on defense.

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