The Shield Losing Steam

5/15/13 in WWE   |   kjbriden   |   19 respect

        Since November of last year, The Shield has been taking out Superstars in the name of justice.  Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns have formed an unstoppable trio that has conquered the likes of John Cena, The Rock, Ryback, Team Hell No, and even The Undertaker.  Now, as Extreme Rules is coming this Sunday, their individual bookings have taken a dangerous nose dive that undermines the momentum they've created by causing fear and havoc in the WWE.
        Sunday, Rollins and Reigns will take on Team Hell No for the Unified Tag Team titles and attempt to bring the first gold to the stable.  The Shield's feud with Daniel Bryan and Kane is at it's peak, and this seems the perfect opportunity to add titles to Rollins and Reigns, who have impressed with their in-ring ability and promo capabilities.
        The problematic booking falls on Dean Ambrose, who has stood out as a master of the mic and has shown creativity and prowess in the ring itself.  After taking on The Undertaker one-on-one and facing down some of the greatest wrestlers today with his team, it seems inadequate to have him going after the United States Championship from Kofi Kingston.  Like Kingston, the US title is often overlooked and neglected, and seems beneath the skill and stature of Ambrose.
        Jason Smith, co-host of Marks on Commentary, thinks that giving the US title to Ambrose could add relevancy to the title again.  "The real question," he says, "is how much will WWE invest in Ambrose if he wins it?  Without a list of solid competitiors, a run with the title is a bit pointless."  Smith pointed out the title runs of The Miz and Dolph Ziggler as successful examples of how wrestlers can be boosted by a well planned reign. 
        As for Kofi Kingston, Smith thinks he is "a solid perform who can deliver.  If your goal is to establish Ambrose on his own, you would be hard pressed to find a better opponent than Kingston."

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