The Story Behind Donald Driver

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Since Donald Driver has decided to retire from the only NFL organization he has ever known I have chosen to write about him today.  Most people know the statistics of Double D, as we like to call him, but do you know how he got to where he is today?  Do you know what has helped him become the man and player that you all love?
Donald grew up in the ghetto of inner-city Houston, Texas where his parents nick-named him “Quickie” because he was incredibly fast and a quick learner. Growing up, the Drivers were extremely poor and were forced to live out of a Uhaul truck at one point after the bank confiscated their possessions.  Often times Donald didn’t know where he would sleep at night and sometimes had to stay in a motel by himself.  In order for Donald to help provide money for his family he would steal cars, which he would in turn sell for drugs.  He never used those drugs but instead sold them for money.  He says that he probably stole 20 or 30 cars in his lifetime and only got caught once.

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