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A little bump in the road as the Dinos just couldn't quite get there last night.  They used their basic M.O. this season:  Fall behind in the 1st half and roar back in the 2nd, but they just came up a little short.  And that creates an interesting scenario for the Eastern Conference.  Now, with a 2-game winning streak, the Cavs are suddenly back in the playoffs.  Of course, it wouldn't make much difference at this stage of the season with so few games remaining, but the way the Hawks and Knicks are playing now, when the games really count the most, Cleveland still has a shot.

It's going to look like I'm jumping hard for a Hump Day, and I guess I am.  But I wouldn't be moving if the opportunities weren't golden.

THE NBA  (2-2 ATS & SU/3-1 TOTALS last night and 9-12/12-9/10-11 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (0-1 last night and 1-1 so far for the week)
PARLAY: Clippers (-300) over PELICANS and GRIZZLIES (-370) over JAZZ - On the surface, it might not appear as though the Clips don't have a lot to play for.  They're comfortably ahead in the Pacific and won't be caught, so they're nestled snugly into #3 in the West.  They aren't going to catch the Spurs, even though they're still mathematically alive to be able to do so, but the Thunder are scuffling a little bit lately.  The Clips are only 2 games behind OkC for #2, and that might make a big difference to them as far as the opposition they draw to start the playoffs.  The Griz are one of those teams slugging it out in that 6-7-8 territory in the West, so every game is crucial to them.  They're also a really good road team, so they won't "take the night off" just because it's the Jazz.
Nets   92 Suns 105
BOBCATS (-2, U192)   97 WIZARDS (+2, O210) 109
Raptors (-3, O195) 105 Cavs (+5 1/2, U205 1/2)   97
Hawks 106 Clippers (-7, O207) 117
WOLVES (-5 1/2, O214) 114 PELICANS 106
Heat   86 Nuggets   97
PACERS (-2 1/2, U188)   99 SPURS (-13, O216 1/2) 127
Knicks (pk, O203) 108 Grizzlies   91
KINGS   98 JAZZ (+8, U184)   88
---Of course, the big game of the night is in Indiana tonight, but there are 2 others that I'm really going to be keeping a close eye on:  Nets @ BOBCATS and Suns @ WIZARDS
---3 more games that might be of fringe interest could be Cavs @ PISTONS to see if the Cavs can win yet again to put more pressure on the Hawks and Knicks, both of which will also be stumbling into games tonight.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (1-1 ATS, SU & TOTALS last night and 15-6/17-4/11-10 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (no play last night and 2-0 so far for the week)
1.  COLUMBIA (-220) over Yale - I'm not sure the organizers of the CIT had this in mind, but this is one of the 2 matchups tonight in this tournament between conference foes.  These 2 split their regular season meetings this season with each home team holding serve.  Columbia draws the home game because of their better overall record even though Yale had the better conference mark.  Being the home team is the key to everything.
2.  PARLAY:  SMU (-450) over Cal and FRESNO ST. (-350) over Old Dominion - Cal has acquitted itself nicely so far in the NIT, but now they have to leave Berkley, and they're going up against a group of Ponies that hasn't shown any ill feelings in this tournament over being snubbed for The Madness.  Old Dominion is not a terrible road team, but this is a very long trip for them, and Fresno is 12-5 in home games this season and is playing their best ball of the year right now.
La. Tech (+3, O147 1/2) 85 Cal 50
FLORIDA ST. 69 SMU (-8, U137) 69
Illinois St. 50 Old Dominion 46
SIENA (-2, U134 1/2) 65 FRESNO ST. (-7 1/2, U133 1/2) 71
Yale 43 Vmi (+8. U162 1/2) 80
COLUMBIA (-5, U127) 59 OHIO 64
San Diego (+3, U139 1/2)            62    
PACIFIC 60    
So, a busy night in store for me.  Might be a good thing as The Madness returns tomorrow.  Have a great Hump Day.  I'll see you tomorrow.
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