The Texans' Super Bowl chances are quickly going down the drain

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Houston Texans are in deep waters as their aims to make it to the Super Bowl this year are real slim now. They have played six games so far this season and have lost four of them back to back. Now they will go up against the yet undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and we can all predict what will happen there.
The problem isn’t just losing the match but how they end up losing it too. What makes them lose most is how the match turns in favour of the opponent even when they have the Texans have advantage of the chips piling in their favour. The turnovers have been the real mess they have to deal with. Right now statistically they are gaining the seventh most yards at 395.7 per game and are allowing the fewest yards yet at 252.8 yards per game.
"Turnovers get you beat in this league and they're getting us beat on a consistent basis," said their coach Gary Kubiak.
It is still unclear about whether quarterback Matt Schaub is in or out for the coming games and of out then for how long and why, as he sustained quite a rough sack on Sunday during the third quarter. It has yet to be confirmed by the franchise. Coach Kubiak did add that Schaub had received injections concerning the injury. Tests are still underway to ascertain the true extent of damages to his body.
"Obviously he's very sore and beat up on the leg, ankle — everywhere. So obviously we'll have to see where he's at — probably got a little bit lucky there,” said the coach.
Kubiak said that the quarterback was improving. Still, he was prepared to deal with him not in play as he said he was getting ready Case Keenum and T.J. Yates. Nothing wrong with preparation.
"I thought he stepped up and improved. You can always play better, but I thought he was doing things much better,” he said.
The fans are candid about what they want though. They say that Schaub should be grounded as he has failed to give consistent performance and Yates should be given the chance. He will get one in case Schaub is unable to play. 
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