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Blog Photo - The Thunder From Down UnderWell Hello FanIQ it's been a while.

For those who may not remember me I'm the original Aussie here, not sure if there’s many here or not but I am sure I was one of the first here. Anyways back to the topic, the MLB will be opening the season this year in Australia. Yes that’s right you heard me Australia and you know what? I think it’s a great idea.  Although baseball isn’t high on the list of games we play here (Yes we have our own league which has the support of the MLB there is currently six teams) I think that the MLB coming here to open the season can hopefully raise the profile of baseball here. When I was lucky enough to go to the states the first thing I wanted to do was go to the ballpark and thanks to a fellow FanIQ resident I was lucky enough to do that (Thanks Pat!) Yep I was lucky enough to go to Fenway and see the Red Sox play.

The first real game I went to Red Sox Vs Yankees one of if not the biggest rivalries is baseball. Three years later the MLB sends out the LA Dodger and the Arizona Diamondbacks to start the regular season, what an absolute coup for us and for the teams. You see ask an ordinary Australian to name a baseball team and the most likely answer you’ll get is the Yankees. Hell I see the hats around here all the time most people wearing them just think it’s a hat for the city of New York! Lately though I have noticed something, yes other teams hats! The rise of popularity of the MLB is growing here and when the series kicks off later this week I am hopeful that it will get kids more interested in the game. Then we can send more quality players over to the big show and play with legends in the making like Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig.

So whilst the other sporting codes may not need to worry about baseball taking over just yet, this Aussie is hoping that it can compete with them one day and that the MLB will come here more often and put on a good show for the Australian fans.
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If the Giants ever get a shot at starting the season overseas I just might see if I can find my way to where ever it is they open.