The Ultimate Underdog.

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There was a time in my late teens and early twenties that I used to watch and enjoy professional wrestling. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin used to get me fired up, The Rock would get me laughing, and the Undertaker would send a chill down my spine. However, as the years blew by me, professional wrestling just ind of slid off of my back and into the wayside right along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Airwalks.

Earlier this week, on the other hand, I decided to check it out and see if there was anything new and interesting going on in the business of wrestling, something that would send me back to the squared circle on Monday Nights. Sadly, I wound up by in large disappointed. The goofball with the padlock around his neck was now playing soldier, the American Hero was replaced by the All-American American, and Dusty Rhodes's son was putting bags over people's faces. However, one description that got my attention was about a long-time luchador named Rey Mysterio. I loved watching this guy perform acrobatic and dangerous maneuvers as much as anyone, but he was described as the "Ultimate Underdog".

This bothered me, not because Mysterio wasn't an underdog of sorts, he very well was, with his small size and wrestling style, but he is not, and never will be the ultimate underdog. His gimmick was that of a warrior, and his offensive capabilities are off the charts amazing, and you could actually buy the fact that he could get the better of some major monster like Mark Henry or Kane.

The Ultimate Underdog never wrestled in the WWE, and would have been horribly misused even if he did. He was plain looking, looked out of shape, and had one of the most uncolorful ring outfits I had ever seen. He pulled his moves off with clumsy, yet reckless abandon, and worked every bad gimmick he was ever saddled with like it was the most fun he'd ever had. Because of this, Mikey Whipreck won me over, as he did so many people in Philidelphia and all around the Jersey Turnpike.

Mikey was not the man. Hailing from Buffalo, New York and coming out to Beck Hansen's "Loser" as his entrance theme, he would take on the most barbaric, animalistic people to ever grace a wrestling ring. This, my friends, was the original ECW, led by Paul Heyman, wrestling's mad scientist. Paul took a look at this unathletic kid with a lot of heart and created this unmonster that went so far as to win over the bloodthirsty ECW fans.  One by one, guys like the Sandman, Raven, Brian Lee, and Sabu would pound, garrote, toss, and otherwise brutalize this pudgy wrestler to the last inch of his life.Yet, Mikey always seem to fight on.

There was a time where Mikey stopped being the underdog, and it broke my heart to see it. his lucky wins and his masterful selling and the incredible wrestling he displayed early in his ECW tenure are what I'll forever remember about him. Rey Mysterio is an amazing athlete, and one of the top sports entertainers in the world, but he's no Mikey Whipreck.
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Rey Mysterio is the best example of ultimate underdog....., when he become world heavyweight champion he named as 1st ever underdog champion............

Mikey was never in the WWE, but he did, in fact become original ECW world heavyweight champion.


As a matter of fact, here's Mikey defending his ECW championship against Rey.