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The Weirdest Team Names in Sports

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With there being millions of organized sports teams out there in the world, the laws of statistical variation - combined with hilarious human error and stupidity - tell us that at least a few of those teams are bound to have truly weird names.

That is of course the case.

Luckily, I was able to track down some of the weirdest, most random, and ill-conceived sports team names that are out there. Let's have a look.

- Yes, there is actually a pro women's soccer team in Norway whose official name is Fart. As you can tell by their logo, they've been around a long time. I'm told they play silent, but deadly.

The Macon Whoopee
- This name was used by a Central Hockey League Team from 1996 to 2001. Naturally the team was based in Macon, Georgia. The mascots were a bird and a bee. Simply terrible.

The BSC Young Boys - No, this isn't some kids league team. It's a Swiss pro soccer team. Even better is that they play in Wankdorf Stadium. And even better than that is that when the new Wankdorf Stadium was finally opened in 2005 on the site of the old stadium, the news produced this awesome Reuters headline:

Deportiva Wanka (usually known as D-Wanka) - a Peruvian football club, based in the city of Huancayo in the Peruvian Andes. The team is named after the Wankas people who formerly inhabited the area. However, D-Wanka translates a little differently in the British slang dialect. The team's shirt became ridiculously popular in Britain in 2006 for obvious reasons. The Sun newspaper in Britain quoted a team spokesman who said: "It is very strange. Everyone in Britain seems to think we have a funny name." Well, you do.

F.C. KooTeePee
- A pro Finnish soccer team whose mascot is regrettably not toilet paper, but instead an angry bird.

The Portland Wet Sox - The Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres almost switched their name from the Portland Beavers to this, uh, somewhat borderline inappropriate name last year. It's a shame they didn't do it, because it would have made my job as a sports blogger a lot easier.

K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot
- It's a Belgian soccer club whose name sounds like a health beer you'd buy at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'll take four.

Kampala City Council - You might be wondering, why is a city council on the list? This isn't a city council, it's the name of a soccer team. Yes, the city of Kampala in Uganda has a pro team that technically should be a part of its government. They'll be playing the Kayunga Tax Collectors this weekend.

Peoria Prancers - Man, it doesn't get much wimpier than this. For three full years (1982-1984), there was a hockey team - a male hockey team - in the International Hockey League that was known as the Prancers. Seriously. I'm not sure how much worse it can get at that point. I guess if you were called the Fairies that'd be worse, but not by much.

Japan is also famous for having amateur teams - like high school and college teams - that simply take random English words and use them for their team name. Here are some ridiculous jerseys from Japan for actual teams.

Now let's get to some weird high school sports team names, with links of course.

The Yuma City Criminals - That name will definitely make a positive impact on the kids.

Laurel Hill Hoboes - Same with this one.

The Mars Area Fighting Planets - Totally original.

The Hockaday Fighting Daisies - This is a girls boarding school in Dallas, Texas. The name pretty much defies all rational thought.

Hoopeston Area Cornjerkers - Sounds dirty.

The Chattanooga Central Purple Pounders - Ditto.

And last but not least...

The famous Watersmeet Nimrods.

And remember, keep jerking that corn people. Your team needs you.
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5/16/14   |   rhonancaldwell

They absolutely need a business naming ideas, if I were them I choose one that is unique but have quality name and impressive not that sounded like just spoof, copied or simply no originality. If they could only see this about Alexandra Watkins's brand naming books, they could probably ;learn new unique ideas.

3/11/12   |   alalmvik

What about ODD Grenland? Oldest and most winning cup team in Norway, who used to play at ODD Stadion (ODD Stadium).

6/6/09   |   soccergirl85


5/28/09   |   mlundgren101

I love Soccer and David Beckham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/28/09   |   true_blue_00jo

well i like soccer but i cant stand to watch!! i have to be playing!!

12/23/08   |   davidbaker

(Edited by davidbaker)

Freeburg Illinois has the Might Midgets
Effingham Illinois has the Flaming Hearts
and Pekin Illinois used to be The Chinks until very recently

1/12/08   |   kokomojo5   |   86 respect

I've checked your bio, and your school is not mentioned. What I really mean is that any school that you've attended must've had a helluva research course. I'm thinking now that this is from your monster type of research project.

Fantastic job on this. More to come?

1/11/08   |   Jess   |   35101 respect

I'd heard of the Macon Whoopie but none of the others. Thanks so much for the laugh!

1/11/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Got yourself linked on Deadspin... nicely done.

1/11/08   |   gmaster08   |   14 respect

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I been to norway thats the funny thing.

1/11/08   |   SOS

This name is just different . Freeport Pretzels High School in Freeport IL