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There are forces at work in the universe that are evil. We know that simply by the unexplainable way that 2 of my games ended last night. It's one thing to have one game where a guy throws up a prayer at the end of a basketball game, and the prayer gets answered. But lightning just doesn't strike twice. It did last night though. We had Ellis' "might as well toss this up and see what happens" shot that prevented OT in Houston, and Kabongo's off balance, falling backwards dagger that forced OT in the Oklahoma/Texas game that prevented me from at least getting the "push".


These weren't miraculous shots. Miracles are good things. No, these were works of pure, dark evil that I realize happen sometimes. I remain undaunted and move forward in spite of the wizardry that seems to be dead set against me right now.



COLLEGE HOOPS (22-9 ATS/23-7 SU/12-19 TOTALS last night and 32-18/35-14/19-31 so far for the week)

So far this week, it's the kids that have been keeping the boat afloat, and I'm going right back to them in a couple of games tonight.



BUTTA (2-1 last night and 3-2 so far for the week)

1. ARK.-LITTLE ROCK (-265) over Lousiana - AR-LR is 7-2 ATS in their last 9 home games, and the Ragin' Cajuns are a bad road team. I'm just hungry for wins right now though, so I'll dispense with the spread and take the lesser payout.

2. Arkansas St. (-190) over N. TEXAS - It's pretty much the same story for this Sun Belt game as it was for the one above. State is clearly the better team, but they are on the road. I'll take that better team to win and not worry by how many.




1. CLEMSON (+3, U134 1/2) 65, N. Carolina 61 - Yeah, I was surprised too!

2. VIRGINIA (-1, O129) 70, Duke 68 - Not at all surprised by this one. The Devils have that big rematch game against Miami on Saturday, so maybe they slough this road game off a bit in look ahead mode.

3. Ohio St. (-10, U124) 59, NORTHWESTERN 46

4. Missouri 72, S. CAROLINA (+9 1/2, U140) 65

5. ARK.-LITTLE ROCK (-6, U142 1/2) 76, Louisiana 57

6. Fla.-Int'l 69, LA.-MONROE (+7, U141) 64

7. Arkansas St. (-4, U128) 62, N. TEXAS 49

8. Middle Tennessee St. 63, TROY ST. (+12, O122 1/2) 61

9. W. KENTUCKY (-5, U136) 63, S. Alabama 52

10. LA. TECH 64, Utah St. (+7 1/2, U130 1/2) 57

11. Seattle (+1, U150) 73, TEXAS ST. 65

12. TEX.-ARLINGTON (-11 1/2, U120 1/2) 65, San Jose St. 44

13. Idaho (-1, U143 1/2) 73, TEX.-SAN ANTONIO 70

14. CAL (-10, O125 1/2) 76, Utah 63

15. OREGON 65, Oregon St. (+10, U142) 57



THE NBA (3-7 last night and 15-16 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (4-6 last night and 15-15 so far for the week)




TOTALS (5-5 last night and 16-15 so far for the week)

OVER - Clippers/PACERS (190)

UNDERS - 76ers/BULLS (179) and Wolves/LAKERS (204)



BUTTA (0-1 last night and 0-5 so far for the week)

BULLS (-290) over 76ers - I know. I know. I went to great lengths in questioning the Bulls resolve yesterday, but this is a big spot for them tonight. They got beat at home by a team that shouldn't have beaten them on Tuesday night, so Chicago will be wide awake tonight. This is an "eye of the tiger" type game for them, and they've got a seriously wounded animal coming in. Coach Collins all but threw up the white flag in his post game presser after his team was humiliated at home by a bad Orlando squad, and I just don't think Philly has anything left in the tank. My numbers say it won't happen, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Bulls cover the (-7) hung on them for this game. BULLS 89, 76ers 88




1. PACERS (-1) over Clippers - This should have been a real honey of a game, but with Hibbert serving a suspension tonight for the Pacers, I'm not so sure. Indy's shot in this game will hinge on their ability to slow the Clips high-flying act and keeping them in a half court game. PACERS 108, Clippers 93

2. Wolves (+10) at LAKERS - If the Lakers are back, this is a team they should bury. My numbers say they'll win the game, but they won't get this lofty number. LAKERS 106, Wolves 98



I think we're finally through with the snow here in God's Country---at least for awhile. As you can imagine, that's a welcome situation around these parts. Now, if we can just get the sun to come out and start melting some of this stuff away, we'll really be onto something. Have a great Thursday night. I'll see you again tomorrow.

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