The World Cup schedule has changed--and yes, the USA is affected.

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The World CupFIFA, the international governing body for soccer, has come out with its final schedule for the 2014 World Cup. No  dates or locations were changed, which is ok, but they did change the times of seven games on three days, with Spain affected twice. But some people were already planning their schedule based on the times given in the previously announced schedule, released before we even knew who all the qualifiers would be.

The new schedule has six games changed by only three hours, including the England-Italy match--the only US prime time game--swapped with Spain-Ivory Coast on Saturday, June 14. Likewise, the Cameroon-Croatia and Spain-Chile games on the 18th have been swapped. And on Sunday the 22nd, Belgium-Russia moves into the late spot, with USA-Portugal and South Korea-Algeria each pushed up.

This isn't like a national season, where last minute changes are handled without a problem. The number of people flocking to this major international event means many have planned their vacation schedule around these times, as well as the dates. 

However, I can see some reason. England-Italy will now be prime time in both counties, instead of late night, while Ivory Coast is not a major TV market. Chile was moved into a better time slot for that nation. Algeria, Portugal, and Belgium have better time slots. Meanwhile, the Russians and Koreans will be asleep and most Americans will be at church.

It's an argument as to whether this is acceptable. World travelers vs. ratings? Personally, if I were going, I would had my exact schedule planned out for game days within an hour of my team being placed. And I would be peeved right now because I know I would miss something I was looking forward to.
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