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The animals were restless last night.  If you're a fan of the Broncos of Western Michigan, Dude, I feel for you.  This is a team that has a lot of experience and talent, but they seem to sleepwalk through games until that 8 minute timeout in the 2nd half.  It's at that point that they say:  "I guess we better start playing now."  They put together a run to get back in the game.  Then, after the 4-minute timeout, they close by taking control and getting the game by the throat.  I don't know if the Broncs will make it to The Madness, but their M.O. is good enough for the MAC.  It won't play well at The Dance though.

In Houston, it could be seen all game long that the Cougars were better than the USF Bulls, but that doesn't mean they couldn't keep things interesting.  The Coogs kept letting the Bulls back in the game, and it was a little frustrating.  At one point in the 2nd half, USF actually took a lead.  It all worked out in the end though, and for all the white knuckles, I ended up with a nice payout of (-154). 

We're right back at it on Ash Wednesday.  Away we go!

THE NBA  (2-4 ATS/2-4 SU/0-6 TOTALS last night and 10-11/15-6/8-13 so far for the week)

 BUTTA  (no play last night and 1-0 so far for the week)
PARLAY:  WOLVES (-425) over Knicks and BLAZERS (-470) over Hawks - I'm going to admit it right from jump:  I feel a little vulnerable getting on the Wolves for a 2nd game in a row, but it is the Knicks they're playing after all.  Now, I don't expect New York will lose every game they have left, but I sure don't think this is a spot where they'll break out of their miserable slump.  As far as the Blazers go, I was seriously considering laying the (-9) hung on them.  The Hawks have completely fallen apart since the break, and the Blazers are fresh off being stunned at home by the Lakers.  Portland will not allow themselves to be surprised tonight.

Pacers   89 Rockets (-6 1/2, O207) 107
BOBCATS (+5, U 190 1/2)   96 MAGIC 100
Jazz   93 Warriors 100
WIZARDS (-8, U199) 102 CELTICS (+5, U210 1/2)   97
Grizzlies   81 Bulls (-4, U193)   96
NETS (+2, U189)   90 PISTONS   92
Kings 102 Knicks   92
BUCKS (+3 1/2, U205 1/2) 100 WOLVES (-8 1/2, U212) 108
Mavs 111 Hawks   99
NUGGETS (+4 1/2, O219 1/2) 110 BLAZERS (-9, O217) 118

---Just so you know, I don't think for a second that the 'Cats are going to get the Pacers tonight, but Indy is playing their 4th game in 5 nights and their 5th in 7.
---The best game of the night looks to be in Brooklyn.  Both teams rely on defense and talented point guards.  I'm not so sure my numbers are right for that game though.  I think the Griz and that duo in the paint might be too much for the Nets.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (9-11 ATS/14-6 TOTALS/13-7 TOTALS last night and 20-22/31-11/23-19 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (1-0 last night and 3-0 so far for the week)
Nothing going on here tonight.  It's not that there aren't some very interesting games.  But too many of them look like mismatches, and this time of year, that gets a little scary as teams trying to work their way into The Madness will tend to play a little tighter than those opponents that really have nothing to play for except the conference tourney.

Duke 79 Rutgers 55
WAKE FOREST (+12 1/2, O144) 70 UCONN (-15 1/2, U138) 80
Louisville 60 Nebraska 52
SMU (+3 1/2, U137 1/2) 66 INDIANA (-6, U132) 60
Purdue 57 Texas Tech 63
WISCONSIN (-13, U138 1/2) 78 KANSAS (-15, O140) 82
W. Virginia 71 Tcu 64
OKLAHOMA (-8, O158) 96 TEXAS (-18, O137 1/2) 99
Nevada (+12, O198 1/2) 77 San Jose St. 63
BOISE ST. 82 COLORADO ST. (-15 1/2, O134) 85
Air Force (+18, U133) 47 San Diego St. (-3, O130 1/2) 68
Wyoming (+8, U123 1/2) 60 Mississippi 63
UTAH ST. 63 ARKANSAS (-8 1/2, U154) 79
Tennessee 66 Mississippi St. 66
AUBURN (+4 1/2, U138 1/2) 71 GEORGIA (-12, O135 1/2) 90
Texas A&M 51 Utah (+3 1/2, O139) 71
MISSOURI (-9 1/2, U132) 79 CAL 69
Arizona 60 Colorado 67
OREGON ST. (+9 1/2, U138) 61 STANFORD (-8 1/2, O142 1/2) 87

---What a matchup in Dallas tonight between Louisville and SMU.  The Ponies have been a dominant home team so far, and it's not going to surprise anyone too much if they win this game.  For me, though, I think the Ville may well be one of the last 4 standing as we work our way through The Madness.
---Also huge games in the Mountain West.  You'll notice that New Mexico, for my money, one of the best teams in the nation, is a huge favorite at home against Air Force, but they have the steel cage death match in San Diego against the Aztecs on Saturday night.  All I'm saying is:  "Be careful."
---It sure doesn't look right that Oregon St. would knock off 'Zona tonight, but there is always the possibility that a team that just clinched the regular season conference title on their Senior Night might come out flat.  Just food for thought.

Sorry for being so late today.  I had other things working, and that's all there is to say about that.  Have a great night, and I'll talk to you again tomorrow.
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