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The best and worst venue names in American sports

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The Best Venue Names:

Soldier Field - Chicago Bears.  It doesn't get any better when it comes to venue names, especially for a traditionally hard-hitting and tough football team

Arrowhead - Kansas City Chiefs. We're going to see a whole lot more war references in venue names, but this is one of the best because it's consistent with the team name and it's unique.

Great American Stadium- Cincinnati Reds.  What a fitting stadium name in a sport that's supposedly America's pastime.  And it's in a city where there's an opening day parade and the day is an official city holiday.

Rose Garden- Portland Trail Blazers.  It's much less violent that some of the other stadiums, which suits those peaceful northwesterners and it's located in the "City of Roses".

Feb 27, 2013; Inglewood, CA, USA; Aerial view of the Forum. The venue is the former home of the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA and Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsThe Forum - Former home of the LA Lakers.  The Classical architecture and name is an homage to the Roman forum and it witnessed some of the greatest and most exciting basketball ever played.

The Pit - University of New Mexico.  That's not the arena's nickname.  It's actually called the Pit.

Savage Arena - University of Toledo.  It is named after former UT Athletic Director John F. Savage.  

Palace at Auburn Hills - Detroit Pistons. For some reason it just sounds fancier to when "at" is used like that.  Palace of Auburn Hills just doesn't quite do it.  That being said, the building is best known for playing host to some behavior that was anything but fancy or palatial.

KFC Yum! Center - 
University of Louisville.  This could probably fall into either the good or the bad category, but it makes me laugh every time so I consider that to be a good thing.

Citi Field New York Mets.  It may not be the most creative, but an appropriate choice of naming sponsers sure is satisfying.  

The Worst Venue Names

Sleep Train Arena - Sacramento Kings.  Arenas are meccas of entertainment where we go for thrills.  They shouldn't conjure up images of overnight trains.  Is it better than the arena's previous name, Power Balance Pavilion, named for the bankrupt company that sold placebo bracelets?

Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City Thunder.  I get that Chesapeake Energy is a company based out of OKC, but Chesapeake, Virginia and Chesapeake Bay are almost 1400 miles away. I'd like to know why the company took on the name in the first place.

American Airlines Arena/American Airlines Center - Miami Heat/Dallas Mavericks.  There are other companies that have bought naming rights to multiple venues, but no business has two venues in the same league.  At least they were kind enough to call one an Arena and one a Center so we could tell them apart.

Candlestick Park - San Francisco 49ers. According to Wikipedia, the name "Candlestick" was chosen during a stadium naming competition and refers to either an indigenous bird of the same name or a rock pinnacle that disappeared around 1920.  Either way, it's pretty lame.

Oakland-Alameda County Colosseum - Oakland A's and Raiders.  There are lots of stadiums and arenas that just get lazy and stick with the city's name.  But this one is special because they include the county too.  They also call it the O. Co Colosseum.
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