The fantasy owner's top 5 knee-jerk overreactions: Week 2

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OK, that's 2 in the books. If you're taking after the rest of the NFL, you're 1-1. Maybe you're a lucky 2-0, akin to the Eagles, a dominant 2-0 a la the Niners, or a head-shaking 0-2, just like those embattled Saints. Either way, it's probably time to panic, for right now there is somebody in your league panicking way better than you, and there isn't a moment to waste. Here are the top 5 proper overreactions the fantasy owner must consider after Week 2. 

1. Is Peyton going to last? If Peyton's your starting QB, you've got to be wondering right now. The opener at Mile High last week was a bless-ed event. Last night in the Georgia Dome, not so much. Peyton Manning threw 3 interceptions before we were more than halfway through the first quarter. This 7-point fantasy performance begs the questions:
(1) has the league gotten a step on Peyton? After all, he's a year older and a year removed from the game.
(2) Can you feel safe starting Peyton on the road? Noteable road games this season include New England, Baltimore, KC (perhaps the loudest stadium in the league,) Oakland, San Diego, and Carolina. Have no doubt about it, all those listed above are football teams. Be-ware. 
(3) How good was Manning's fantasy value to begin with? Two seasons ago, before he injured his neck trying to watch all of his commercials at the same time, Manning was my starting quarterback, and I was very underwhelmed. He would negate all of his good fantasy points by throwing INTs. No, I'm not going to spend time digging up his stats from 2010, because this isn't about statistics, it's about emotion!!!! So, what's the bottom line?!

Have your contingency plan ready. Begin grooming your backup quarterback, tell him to be ready to go, instill him with the confidence of a starter. Don't have an above-average backup? Look to see if Christian Ponder is still available. He's been looking mighty fine,  throwing for more yards than Manning without an interception. If he's not still around, trade with somebody who already has an elite quarterback at the helm. They'll be more likely to let go of their backup for a lesser price. Either way, life beyond Peyton must go on.

2. Drop your J-E-T-S. So, remember last week, when I wrote something that may have led you to pick up Blog Photo - The fantasy owner's top 5 knee-jerk overreactions: Week 23. Sit Chris Johnson down and give him a pep talk. Alright, so, you picked Chris Johnson, and now you're angry. Worse, you probably picked him in the second round, maybe even the first. Chris Johnson has scored 6 fantasy points through 2 weeks. Gross! What a jerk!

Well, what're you going to do now? Trade him? To whom? Somebody else who was dumb enough to draft Chris Johnson? That's not possible, you're the only one dumb enough to draft Chris Johnson! 

Therefore, the only solution moving forward is to work with him. Start by sitting him down Week 3. Let him know he's not entitled to a gosh darn thing. Maybe it'll motivate him. Maybe you'll get more than 3 points out of your RB spot. Either way, I don't think Johnson's about to break out a 150 yard 2 TD performance out of the blue. It's going to take baby steps. Long, athletic baby steps. Put him on the bench, wait, and see. This is the best advice I can give

4. Do something regarding this Cardinal situation. They're 2-0. They beat the Pats, with Kevin Kolb, on the road in tBlog Photo - The fantasy owner's top 5 knee-jerk overreactions: Week 2he Gilette home opener. What the hell do we do now? 

Do we (1) Pick up Kevin Kolb? Maybe! (2) Trade for Larry Fitzgerald who, despite his team's success, has just 6 fantasy points? Could be a steal! or (3) Start the Cardinals' defense, the true heroes in this all.

Look, I really don't know, and neither do you. Maybe we should just wait until this all blows over. Either way, something needs to be done, or not done. If you figure it out, please let me know. 

5. Go get Kellen Winslow. With Aaron Hernandez out  4-6 weeks the Patriots went out and signed Kellen Winslow, and so should you. The upside of Tom Brady's second tight end is way better than that of the worst guy on your bench. Winslow is angry, athletic, and best known for yelling in the locker room after games about how he's a soldier and all football players are at war. Wouldn't you rather have him on your team than your opponent's? Just, go get the guy, just in case. 

Blog Photo - The fantasy owner's top 5 knee-jerk overreactions: Week 2
By the way, don't quote me on any of this. 

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