The fantasy owner's top 5 knee-jerk overreactions to Week 1

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Last Thursday, I wrote a piece on the top 5 overreactions to the Cowboys Giants season opener. Hopefully you made every possible move available to you based on that hot hot Wednesday night action, and, as a result, your carefully drafted fantasy team now resembles the Cowboys far more than you had planned. 

But we haven't done enough. Fantasy is not a thinking man's game, it's a clicking man's game. Log on to that roster of yours, the one you checked 6000+ times before a single game was played this weekend, and get ready to make some unnecessary changes based on the emotionally confusing Sunday you have just witnessed.

1. Go get some J-E-T-S. If your fantasy league is like any of one of the millions of fantasy leagues out there, the following players are available: Mark Sanchez, Jeremy Kerley, and Stephen Hill. Further, Shonn Greene, Dustin Keller and Santonio Holmes are riding somebody's bench. Tim Tebow also exists somewhere in your league, I guarantee it, but let's wait til a later week to pull the ill-advised trigger on that one. Blog Photo - The fantasy owner's top 5 knee-jerk overreactions to Week 1

Grab Sanchez, because he was nearly flawless on Sunday, and, more important than his performance, the Jets' o-line rendered Buffalo's highly touted pass-rush non-existant. If Sanchez is going to remain upright this year, you're going to want him on your team. Maybe. Whatever, don't think, just go with it.

Rookie Stephen Hill caught 2 TDs in his debut, and proved to be dangerous in the highly coveted yards after the catch category when he fought his way into the endzone on his second score of the game. Jeremy Kerley not only made a beautiful TD catch, he took a punt back for 6 as well. X-factor. 

2. RGIII owners, rejoice! For you have just won your fantasy league! The only thing that can possibly stop you and DC's chosen ManBoy is not making the following moves: Promote RGIII to the starting job, trade whoever the hell it is you had above him on the depth chart for any available Jets, Broncos, or Adrian Peterson, sit back and watch your championship season unfold before your eyes. 
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