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The man in the Iron Mask

4/3/09 in Figure Skating   |   Nadiya   |   respect

       First time voluntary program “The man in the Iron Mask” was shown to people in 2001. And it is wonderful! Exactly because of mood of that program Yagudin had taken 5.9 points and even 6.0 from four judges on Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002. So before no one from men's figure skating can do that!
      That program is the one more example that you can see how Alexei feels music, its mood and also can give all of it to people. During music is playing we can see a lot of beautiful jumps, that make people excited! And how about some moments of fencing with rapieres, like in reality!
      Music was created by Nick Glennie-Smith, it's soundtrack from last movie's version “The man in the Iron Mask”. Music is very special, so you look at this and after that you think:”Really is the voluntary program? But time has passed like it was the short program!”
      Well, that program had come into the history of figure skating... And Alexei Yagudin is not just a champion, he is the legend of men's figure skating!
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6/8/09   |   gfox3731

i luv kristi Yamaguchi! (not mai fav. but watev.)

6/7/09   |   carlyannk

dont like her much either