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The miracle shoe for Olympics Nike comes up with fastest, lightest, greenest football cleat ever

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Blog Photo - The miracle shoe for Olympics  Nike come up with fastest, lightest, greenest football cleat ever
I could have never imagined myself desiring to wear a shoe made out of beans, water bottles and faux-kangaroo leather, but somehow Nike has accomplished the unthinkable. I could tell you all about this new shoe without trying to create a hassle, but I think that would be impossible.
To simplify let me just say that Nike’s latest and apparently most effective product is a football cleat which is cooked up with ingredients rather than components.
Nike believes their latest football cleat is the most environment friendly football cleat that has been ever made to date.
Surprisingly this is not a concept design. Yes, that’s right! You can actually head off to a Nike store and pick up their latest pair of football cleats.
Moreover, the Brazilian football prodigy Neymar along with a number of other Nike-sponsored players will be wearing this new football cleat at the 2012 London Olympics this summer.
So, you must be wondering what makes this new football cleat so green,
And it's not just a concept design either. Brazilian star Neymar and a host of other Nike-sponsored players will wear the brand new boot at the Olympics in London this summer.
So what makes this new Nike football cleat so green? Let me explain.
The traction spine, which actually works like a spine runs down the center of the sole, is prepared with a material obtained from castor beans. This give Nike double points because using castor beans as a natural substituent is simply genius and castor beans use less water than many other usable plants.
The role of castor beans does not end here. The sockliner of this football cleat is made up of 100% castor beans. Moreover, it was produced without the usage of any chemicals.
If all of that is not green enough for you let me give a brief introduction about the making process of the exterior of this football cleat.
A solvent-free material, which acts like Kangaroo leather, was derived to make the exterior of this shoe. Football players call this extremely light, flexible and attractive material a miracle… Nike scientists call it Kangalite.
According to a scientific report, there is a 35% less carbon emission than similar materials in the production of Kangalite.
The tongue of this football cleat is manufactured from polyester, which came from recycled water bottles. The water bottles are melted down into the forms of threads which are eventually put together to form the tongue.
According to Nike, the result of all this gives birth to their lightest, fastest and greenest football cleat that has ever been produced.
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