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The most inked sportsmen out there!

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Tattoos have always been a part of one’s attitude, culture and fashion statement. For some, it’s just to make themselves distinguished. For others, it’s a matter of pride and to honor something and express their opinions on issues or just a depiction of themselves. Tattoos aren’t taboo or wrong but it’s the extent of them that leads them to lose their original meaning and attract opinions that are centered on being absurd and weird.
Mitchell Johnson is an Australian cricketer who has a large wild cat on his torso, to begin with. This wasn’t enough for him since the guy has recently gotten something in the name of tattoos on his elbows that have caused him to miss his games and posing a threat to his cricket career. Now this one is highly objectionable.
Josh Hamilton is never behind in the race. The American baseball player has around 26 diverse types of tattoos on his chest, arms and legs. His collection of tattoos consist of the word ‘hammer’, his game i.e. baseball, flowers, devils, Jesus signs and tribal symbols. All these bring him disturbing memories, according to Hamilton.
Courtney Lawes is a rugby player from England who has a fleet of tattoos running all over his arms in thin streaks. Getting tattoos is one of the passions of Courtney Lawes.
USA basketball player, Allen Iverson has several meaningful tattoos on his torso. He has tattoos that explain danger, strength, his childhood and loyalty. 
Mike Tyson, the famous boxer from New York City has gone an extra mile, with that striking facial tat. That has gotten Mike Tyson some huge deal of publicity, apart from just being in the ring and being the best in his game. Some of Mike Tyson tattoos are portraits of famous socialists namely Mao Zedong and Che Guevara. He also has one of his ex-wife, it is clear that Mike Tyson makes one of the most famous people on this list, even with his numerous media and Hollywood experiences people like Mike Tyson feel exalted for their fashion statements.
Matt Barnes from California belongs to basketball in the context of sports and has a pretty good deal of tattoos. He has a couple of extremely large ones on his neck, back and chest and several small ones on arms and legs. One of his tattoos is in the memory of his mother who passed away in 2007 due to lung cancer. This is the evidence of one of the reasons for getting tats above.
Rey Mysterio is the masked wrestler from California who has a couple of tattoos. They are centered on his torso, arms and his back has a large one.
Another, extremely renowned wrestler from Texas, Undertaker owns a few of these tats too. They are actually the names of the three women in his life namely his wife and daughters. He also has some that has castles and wizards. 
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