The sex details from SI's Okalahoma State expose

SALACIOUS DETAILS: Sports Illustrated finally publishes "sex chapter" of Oklahoma State expose

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Blog Photo - The sex details from SI's Okalahoma State exposeIt has now been one full week since the Oklahoma State Cowboys' scandal of paid players, drug use, academic impropriety and sexual favors for recruits was first reported. Sports Illustrated, the publication reporting the story, has been dropping components of this scandal, chapter by chapter, in the days since. On Friday, SI delivered the sex chapter, which is literally entitled "Part 4 -- The Sex".

Before getting into the sexytime details and allegations, it should noted that several details in the five-part series are being disputed -- albeit by paid Oklahoma State staff, or former players who stand accused of impropriety. We are just detailing the allegations in executive summary fashion. Because sex scandals are totally interesting, and I'm not sure you have the time to read a 3,100-word opus that only occasionally touches on the really salacious stuff.

So here is your Cliff Notes version of the Sports Illustrated report on sex for football recruits at Oklahoma State. In addition to previous segments of allegations on illegal cash payments, shameless academic chicanery and a culture of drug use, this segment focuses on a group of co-ed "hostesses" -- among whose responsibilities it was to sex up top recruits good enough that the recruits would decide to play football for Oklahoma State.

Hostess programs were generally weeded out of college football programs after a series of hostess scandals in the 2000s. Oklahoma State, however, allegedly ramped up its Orange Pride hostess program, reportedly with the direct involvement of then-coach Les Miles. "More than a dozen Cowboys who played from 2001 to '11 told SI that a small number of Orange Pride members had sexual relations with them or with other prospects during recruiting visits," write SI authors George Dohrmann, Thayer Evans and Melissa Segura.

Blog Photo - The sex details from SI's Okalahoma State exposeWe see a group of Oklahoma State Orange Pride members in the image at left, which has been scrubbed from the Cowboys' Orange Pride web page. Considering that I am putting these students' photos on the Internet in association with a sex scandal, I should also note that the latest sex allegation is from 2010 -- when most of those pictured here are unlikely to have enrolled at OK State yet. Just sizing the situation up for you.

A 2003 recruit told SI that on the way to a recruiting dinner, two hostesses took him for a quick detour -- a wild three-way with the two of them. "Rock 'n' rolling, I had the best of the best -- the aces," this recruit said.

A former Orange Pride hostess confirmed the action to Sports Illustrated. "People did cross the line. That's why I was only in the program for one year," she said anonymously. "It was very disturbing. When I found out, that's why I quit."

Former Cowboys defensive end TJ Miles recalled an Orange Pride hostess party with recruits present. "As soon as the recruit came in, [the hostess] was like, Where is he? She just went to town right then" Miles told SI. "She slept with him on the spot. At the time I was thinking, like, Wow, That's cool. It's part of recruiting."

It generally became less  of "a part of recruiting" at most schools in 2004, when the NCAA banned "the use of alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling in recruiting."

In other words, alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling were legal in NCAA recruiting until 2004. Given that culture, don't be surprised if the hostess thing Sno Balls into a bigger scandal.
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